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India vs Pakistan by Nick Yarka and Vivek Verghese

No description

Vivek Verghese

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of India vs Pakistan by Nick Yarka and Vivek Verghese

Pakistan is a country in South Asia. It shares a majority of its border with India. It separated from India in 1947. Pakistan is important because it is one of the world most volatile countries. It is constantly wracked by terrorist attacks. Osama bin Ladin was found and killed in a compound located near Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. By Vivek Verghese and Nick Yarka South Asia As We Know It India Pakistan India is a country in Southeast Asia. It was a British colony until 1947, when Pakistan broke away the day after it became free. India is important because it has many disagreements with its neighbor. This is a cause of concern for many nations as it is a nuclear power. If Pakistan provokes India, it may respond with lethal force and start a nuclear war. Things may start going out of control like in World War I, when countries were dragged into a war they wanted no part of. As India is a US ally, we will be obligated to assist them. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the leader of the Muslim League and also the first leader of the freed Pakistan.He worked to try to win independence for India, but he wanted to make sure that Muslims got their say in the government of India. He eventually decided that the only way to peacefully resolve the situation was to separate from Hindus completely. Sources http://terrorism.about.com/od/originshistory/p/Mumbai_Attack.htm
http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/war/junagadh.htm Partition Partition was the actual division of India into India and Pakistan. This event was important because India and Pakistan became two separate nations. Results of the partition still linger on today, with the dispute over Kashmir and a deep distrust of the other nation. Kashmir Kashmir is a province in North India and Pakistan with goats that make very valuable wool. When the Partition into India and Pakistan occurred, it's prince did not want to join either. As a result, Pakistan invaded Kashmir. It called on India for support. It eventually joined India, but Pakistan strongly desires it. Now that both countries have nuclear weapons, it has become a concern for the rest of the world, as it may start World War III. 2008 Mumbai Shootings The 2008 Mumbai shootings were a series
of terrorist attacks aimed at Mumbai's Indian population. The perpetrators were believed to
be Muslim from an e-mail received just after the attack. It killed about 100 people and wounded at least 200 more. Relations were strained between India and Pakistan after word spread that the attack was planned in Pakistan. Jinnah The Three Indo-Pakistan Conflicts The three Indo-Pakistan conflicts occurred in 1947, 1965, and 1971. The first war was over Kashmir. The second occurred because of fighting that broke out in a sparsely populated area of the Indian and Pakistani border. The fighting soon escalated into a full scale war. The third started when Pakistan went into its own partition and attacked India's airfields. This is important because wars have occurred over regular disputes, like in the second war. Another might occur and draw the US into it. Mohandas Gandhi was a Hindu leader who set the stage for India and Pakistan's freedom. By having Indians boycott European goods and refuse to pay taxes, he made India too costly for the British. Gandhi opposed the splitting of India and Pakistan, but the majority of the people wanted to separate the Hindus and Muslims. He was killed by a Hindu extremist in 1948 for being too accepting of Muslims. Gandhi Bangladesh Formerly East Pakistan, Bangladesh is a country located to the Southeast of India. In 1971, it decided to separate from West Pakistan. This led to the second Indo-Pakistan conflict. India was on Bangladesh's side in the conflict. This is important because Bangladesh is also a Muslim nation, and could begin attacking India. Also, Pakistan may want to regain control of it. Junagadh Dispute Before the Partition, Jungadh had a Muslim ruler but a Hindu population. When the split between India and Pakistan occurred the leader of Jungadh chose to join Pakistan even though it would have been surrounded by India on all sides. The Hindus started protesting and Jungadh eventually chose to join India. It is important because India and Pakistan almost started another war over this. It also shows the differences between Hindus and Muslims and their inability to get along.
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