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Robert Swiney

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of 1940s

Politics "Video" Economy Music "Video" Values and Culture "video" Food York peppermint patties
M&Ms and Cheerios
Corn dogs/Pronto pups
Chicago style pizza
Monkey bread and city chicken
Frozen OJ and Nutella
Frozen French Fries
Seedless watermelon and Jolly Ranchers
E-Z Pop Popcorn
Jello instant pudding
Kroger Eggs
Pet Evaporated milk
Maypo Cerial
Anderson Soup
Jello Food invented in the 1940's The 1940's by:
Angel, Troy, Vince, Robert, Zach < Zak The End The 1940s was a great time financially, for the United States. It was when we were finally recovered from the Depression. Also, it was when big business began to regain its reputation to the people. The economy really rebounded when warfare hardware needed to be built. This time was referred to as the most pivotal time in Americas economy. It was the biggest boom in the economy since industrialization, and has never been that well since. Fashion In the 40s fashion wasn't really in the spotlight. More important matters were at hand. Women mainly preferred broad shoulders and many fabrics. Women of the time loved large elegant hats. The color of women's clothes were lighter and not dark and gloomy like the previous era. Men preferred suits and nice classy hats. Dress shoes were obviously the common wear with the suits. Music Music at this time was based around large bands and the main theme was Jazz and Blues. These forms of music were considered soulful. A lot of artists strived off of the pain of the time with the war and the very end of the depression. Vehicle Ford, Chrysler, Delahaye, Jeep 1940s was a very poor time for cars. Not because of the money in US but because of the war caused dealers to shut down for 3 years.
1) The slinky is invented.
2) Silly putty is created.
3) First appearance of the computer.
4) Popular shows such as Howdy Doody, and Lone Ranger.
5) Famous movies like Fantasia, and Grapes Of Wrath
6) Tv was around but only higher class had one. Most tuned into radio Entertainment Facts on Facts on Facts •Nazis try to achieve the "Perfect Race"
Marvel Comics introduces superhero Captain America in March 1941.
•After approximately 14 years, carving at Mount Rushmore comes to an end in October 1941.
•Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in the "Achterhuis" in Amsterdam.
•Walt Disney wins a 1943 Academy Award.
•Charles Yeager becomes the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14, 1947, an altitude of 45,000 ft.
•NASCAR® holds its first modified stock car race in Daytona Beach, FL, in 1948.
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