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COMPARATIVE : Theme of Identity

No description

Hannah McMillen

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of COMPARATIVE : Theme of Identity

THEME OF IDENTITY Both Wuthering Heights (written by Emily Bronte) and Blade Runner(Directed by Dir Riley Scott) highlight the issue of Identity. Identity is something important and defining to a character. Both of these texts have different yet strong and pronounced senses of identity as well as Identity crisis. Wuthering Heights is introduced as a place where n the withering smothering moors of Victorian England, we are introduced to a severe stern character Heathcliff, master of this world. He blocks all contact with humankind beyond. ruling with threat and violence. WH
Cathy talks to Nelly
about marrying Edgar,
abandoning her soul
identity with Heathcliff. KEY MOMENT 1 WH
Heathcliff returns to TG,
Cathy locks Edgar and H
in the room to sort out their
dispute, Edgar banishes
Heathcliff from TH forever.
Forcing aggressive confrontation
from cathys soul ego to her superego.
(Freudian interpretations) KEY MOMENT 2 WH
Heathcliff sneaks into TH
to see Cathy sick, They reunite then, Cathy dies, giving birth
to a baby girl. KEY MOMENT 3 The theme of Identity is central to both WH and BR and whilst there are contrasts in how the theme is developed and treated in the two texts, similarities appear. Disharmony in family relationships can damage the Identity of the children, orphans or even a replicant. Identity crisis shadows every character in both worlds. Conclusion INTRO BR
Rachel goes to Deckard's apartment
to show him a photo of her mother,
and prove her identity as a human. BR
Rachel is at Deckards apartment
we see her unravel her identity to
reveal a rather emotional person.
Deckard gets aggressive as he kisses her. BR
Roy - the bad guy replicant -
returns to his maker Tyrell
begging for a longer life span.
When Tyrell tells him its impossible
Roy calls him father, kisses him, then
kills him. "it would degrade me to marry Heathcliff" Roy to Tyrell: "I've done questionable
things" Wuthering Heights
Blade Runner In both key scenes, we sense change in both key characters identities.
WH: In WH Cathy is forced making the decision to marry Edgar for status and wealth or to follow her true soul identity,the one whom she is bound with, Heathcliff. She willingly decides to trade her true identity for this monetary gain, for her super ego. Cathy chooses to face a false identity of herself.
BR: As Rachel in BR is bound with her notion of humanity. She is forced to endure the very upsetting fact that she is not human, She longs for this identity, that has just been taken away from her. She longs to keep her status as a human. Rachel is forced to believe her true unwanted identity. "your memories are implants.." "Nelly, I am Heathclif; he#s always, always in my mind, not as a pleasure, any more that i am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being... So don't talk of our separation again, i is impracticable" Both characters Rachel and Cathy
BR: Rachel come to the realization that she in fact is a replicant and she as she accepts her identity she begins to unravel her emotional side, along with unravelling her hair at the piano. Deckard gets aggressive and primal instincts take over and he kisses her. He shows no regard for her sense of who she is – or what she wants. This is his way of disregarding her identity.
WH: Similarly , When Edgar banished Heathcliff and Cathy loses a piece of her soul. Although Heathcliff seems the true master of this novel, it is Cathy’s shining moment in this scene. Cathy maliciously imposes her infantile will on both Edgar and Heathcliff. Unable to suffer the double insult of a rejected lover and a snubbed husband, she provokes both masterfully in a pitched battle against each other. ‘ IF YOU HAVE NOT THE COURAGE TO ATTACK HIM, MAKE AN APOLOGY’ For Cathy all identity hinges on the capacity to sustain her duplicitous role of wife and close consort a role in which is completely denied her. "If you have not the courage to attack him, make an apology" "Say, 'kiss me'," At this climatic point in the texts we see where the characters identity begins to show their true form. Heathcliff disregards his brutish manner when he catches sight of Cathy. Similarly, Rory when confronted with the final statement from his father that he cannot do anything to elongate Rory’s ‘LIFE’ .
BR: His response to this is an enraged rejection of ‘WAY THINGS ARE’ and his protest is brutal and symbolic. Kissing his maker- highlighting the Judas- like betrayal he feels, he proceeds to gouge the eyes of his creator, smashing them into his head. This is very symbolic because the eyes are the means of recognising a replicant.
WH: Cathy is sick and close to death and very unlike heathcliffs apathetic character, he crumbles at the sight of her. Although he is not allowed see her, he tosses that notion aside just to see her and to feel her embrace. H to C
"I can forgive my murderer but i can not forgive yours"
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