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Katie Scherer

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Rugby

Don't just get involved in rugby at school! Did you know rugby has been played in Canada for over 150 years, first being introduced in the 1860s? Rugby has become a popular sport all across Canada and there are many teams around you that you can get be a part of.

Fun Fact:
In 1864, the first officially recorded game of rugby was played in Canada. It took place in Montreal.

Try (5 points)
- A try is scored when the ball is touched to the ground over the opponents goal line
What is rugby?
One day in 1823, during a game of soccer in the town of Rugby, England, a man name William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran toward the opposing teams goal line... Two centuries later, and rugby has evolved into one of the worlds favourite sports.
Rugby is a fun, fast, free-flowing game that features a combination of speed, strength and strategy.
The object of the game is to carry the ball over the opponents' goal line and touch it to the ground. What makes rugby unique is that in order to go forward, the ball must be passed backwards. This rule creates a need for teamwork, discipline and organization.
The Game
Field of Play
Scoring Points
Penalty (3 points)
- The team receiving the advantage after a penalty has been made can opt to kick at the goal
Drop Goal (3 points)
- Scored when a player drop kicks the ball through the uprights in open play
Conversion (2 points)
- After a try, the scoring team can attempt to kick the ball over the bar and between the uprights of the goal posts. The ball is kicked from a point in line with where the try was scored
Kick Off
Each half of the match and after every try, the play is started with a drop kick from half way line.
The non-kicking team must be at least 10m back from half and the ball must travel 10m before hitting the ground.
Passing is a key element of rugby. It creates space and movement. By throwing the ball to a teammate in a better position, you allow your team to advance and continue attack. The pass cannot go forward. It must either travel directly across the field (laterally) or backwards.
If a forward pass is made or a player drops the ball forward, a knock on, the game stops and a scrum is rewarded to the team which was not is possession of the ball at the time.
The scrum is used to restart play after a stoppage due to a violation of the rules. All 8 forwards and the scrum half are involved in the scrum. The ball is thrown into the middle of the 'tunnel' created between the two sides of the scrum, at which point the two hookers (middle front man) compete for the ball attempting to kick it back in the direction of their team.
Tackling, Rucking, Mauls

A tackle occurs when the ball carrier is brought to the ground by one or more opposing players.
only the ball carrier can be tackled
the tackler must release the ball carrier once down
the ball carrier must release the ball
both players should try to roll away from the ball
As well as being an strategic sport which requires the creation and use of space, rugby is a contact sport. There are 3 main forms of contact used in rugby: the tackle, ruck and maul.
A ruck is usually formed after the tackle when the ball is on the ground.
Players use their feet to either move the ball backwards or drive over it until it comes out the back of the ruck and regular play continues.
When the ball carrier is held by an opposing player but not taken to the ground a maul is formed. In a maul:
the ball can be passed backwards between the players in the maul
the maul must keep moving toward the goal line
players in the maul must attempt to stay on their feet
When the ball goes out of bounds, play is restarted with a line out. A row of forwards from each team assemble parallel to each other and perpendicular to the point where the ball left the field. Each row must be at least 5 m from the side line. The hooker then throws the ball down the corridor between these two lines of players. A jumper (lifted by two other teammates) does their best to secure the ball and deliver it cleanly to the backs.

Line Out
Rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes. Each position requires a different set of technical and physical characteristics. The team can be split up into 8 forwards (in the scrum) and 7 backs.
mouth guard
rugby ball
head gear/scrum cap (optional)
padded equipment (optional)
Local and National Teams
Brantford Harlequins
Waterloo County Region Club
Stoney Creek Rugby
Rugby Ontario
Rugby Canada
Global Rugby
Rugby is a world wide sport, played in over 120 countries. It is a growing game gaining more and more international popularity. Rugby Sevens is even returning as sport in the Rio 2016 summer olympics, it's first appearance at the olympics in 92 years!
Panthers Rugby
Paris District High School offers rugby teams for both boys and girls and a Rugby Performance Program. Our teams aim to excel combing fitness, skills, teamwork and fun. The rugby teams and class offer a friendly environment where friends, confidence and memories are made.
Famous Players and Teams
Jonah Lomu
Dan Carter
highest try scorer in world cup history (12 tries)
large contributing factor to New Zealand winning the first Tri Nations tournament in 1996
one of the best kickers in the history of rugby
holds world record for most points
has scored 1381 points
Top 5 Teams in the World (2014)
1.New Zealand 2.South Africa 3.Austrailia 4.England 5.Ireland
Canada is ranked 17th
Rugby Facts
Rugby was originally a mens only sport
The highest number of points in a World Cup game was 162 from the match played between New Zealand and Japan in 1995 the score was 145-17 NZ
The first rugby balls were made from pigs' bladders
First international rugby match took place between Scotland and England in 1871
Unlike almost any other sport in the world, not a single team who's won the Rugby world cup one year has managed to retain it in the next world cup
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