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Key Factors Affecting Consumer Decisions

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Katrina K

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Key Factors Affecting Consumer Decisions

Which would you choose and why?
Consumer Decisions
Consumer Decision
All the key factors that affect the consumers’ final choice. It is what they have taken in consideration prior to deciding on goods or services.

Why Co-teaching
Different gender perspectives

Different experiences & mindset

Different personalities

Different buying habits & outlooks

Evelyn - IT competence

Mustafa - Marketing knowledge

Consumer Choice: Key Factors Affecting Consumer Decisions
Key Factors Influencing our Choices
Now that you know what consumer decisions are, you are required to come up with your own definition of the concept, link it to an example. Work in pairs and then share you answers with the class.

Class Activity
The Buying Decision Process
in Action
Key Factors
Key Factors in Action
Purchasing a laptop
The link between the
buying decision
process and key factors

There are 8 factors that affect a consumer decision
These are: Finance, Price, Marketing, Service, Convenience, Age, Gender and Environmental factors.
The influence of the key factors will vary dependent on good or service
The buying decision process has five components: Need/problem recognition, information search, evaluation, purchase decision, post purchase evaluation.
Group Activity:
Presented By:
Mustafa & Evelyn
Environmental Consideration
The Buying Decision Process
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