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The Phases of Mitosis

This is a Prezi about the phases of Mitosis, Enjoy!!!!!!!

The Real Slim Shady 2222

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The Phases of Mitosis

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Step 1: Copying DNA (Interphase.) Before the mitosis begins, the cell's DNA, which is made up of Chromosomes is copied. The Cell Cycle An Original Prezi By
The Real Slim Shady 2222 1. Copying DNA, (Interphase.)
2. Mitosis Phase 1 (Prophase.)
3. Mitosis Phase 2 (Metaphase.)
4. Mitosis Phase 3 (Anaphase.)
5. Mitosis Phase 4 (Telophase.)
6. Cytokinesis (Daughter Cells.) The Steps of Mitosis Mitosis Phase 1 (Prophase.) This is the 1st phase in the process where Chromosomes condense from long strings into rodlike structures. Copying DNA (Interphase) Mitosis Phase 2 (Metaphase.) This is the stage where the nuclear membrane is dissolved, and paired chromatids align at the cell's equator. The cells align in a region called the centromere Mitosis Phase 3 (Anaphase) This is the stage where the chromatids seperate and ,move to opposite sides of the cell. Mitosis Phase 4 (Telophase) A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes, and the chromosomes unwind, Mitosis is complete. (Also called cleavage furrow.) Cytokinesis The Cell Pinches in two, and the Cellular reproduction is complete Works Cited http://staff.jccc.net/pdecell/celldivision/mitosis1.html Copying DNA (Interphase) Mitosis Phase 1 (Prophase) Poles Mitosis Phase 2 (Metaphase) Mitosis Phase 1 (Prophase) Mitosis Phase 3 (Anaphase) Mitosis Phase 4 (Telophase) Cytokenisis (Daughter Cells) What's Mitosis, and why is it important? Mitosis is the reproductive method cells use to multiply. Mitosis is important because it allows us to grow, and heal, (we are made of cells. http://student.ccbcmd.edu/~gkaiser/biotutorials/dna/mitosis/acinterphase.html http://wps.aw.com/wps/media/objects/443/453744/prophase.html Poles http://www.quia.com/files/quia/users/mshester_acp/CellDivision/metaphase-picture http://student.ccbcmd.edu/~gkaiser/biotutorials/dna/mitosis/images/anaphase_ac.jpg http://student.ccbcmd.edu/~gkaiser/biotutorials/dna/mitosis/images/telophase_ac.jpg http://faculty.baruch.cuny.edu/jwahlert/bio1003/images/mitosis/whitefish_cytokinesis.jpg
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