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Master Production Schedule

No description

Lena Boedeker

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Master Production Schedule

Material Requirements

Case Flashy Flashers Inc.
produces automotive electrical components
substantial demand for items
installation of new MRP system
goal of ERP system
improvement of company's processes
Inventory transactions
Authorized Master Production Schedule
of demand
Inventory Records
MRP Explosion
Bills of materials
Engineering and Process Design
Materials Requirement Plan
Production & Inventory Manager
Shop supervisor
Purchasing Manager
no formal system of priority planning
no updates of due dates
system doesn't consider capacity problems when releasing new orders
shop workloads are lumpy
dependent demand
make sure that bottleneck stations are busy
tied up in urgent or late order follow ups
no time for creative buying
planned order releases don't allow for lead time
Introduce an automatic system that actualizes changes in demand.
Priority to bottlenecks products.
Use the times of low production to make more units of the bottleneck products.
Plan production in advance
MPS will provide information so they will just accept the orders that they for sure can complete.
Production & Inventory Manager
Shop supervisor
Purchasing Manager
Make a Rush order for product S123
Delay of 2 weeks
Purchased Products
Manufactured Products
Fix Safety Stock units
Increase quantities of FOQ
Fix Safety Stock units
Produce more units in advance
Finally: make a new MRP explosion
Delay of 3 weeks in the final product

Thank you for your attention!
Any Questions?
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