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Itinera Cibi - Cucina Italiana With You

The Italian Chef mission to promote genuine Italian Cuisine!

Angelo Fanton

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of Itinera Cibi - Cucina Italiana With You

would be good to
have Italian chefs
right here...
to get things a
little more...
Products like Parmigiano, extra v. olive oil, Pasta, Prosciutto and Mozzarella just to mention a few, make Italian Cuisine precious.

Culinary magnificence is a te same time a legacy to defend and the brilliant expression of Italian innovation and creativity.

But Original cuisine demands unique and stringent techniques, genuine products and creativity. No space for improvisation or compromise.
Italian cuisine
products represent Italy
abroad, but to be "
the real thing
" they might need a home support
and keep the magnificence going!
how does it work?

Itinera Cibi
organizes visits to Italian Restaurants abroad, with one or more specialists:
pizzaioli o pastry cooks
. Usually we stay one week, sometime more....And in that time we:
Born in Rome , I moved to England in 1963 and returned to Italy in 1975, after my studies in Sociology.
While in England I started my cook career to support my school costs, first in Liverpool, at the Rose of Mossley, then for three years as temp kitchen assistant and later commis, at the Adelphi Hotel, and finally in Manchester, at the Pizzeria Sorrento, next to the Town Hall. But my first mentor long before had been Nonna Tosca, a true blooded Romagnola who taught me to lay fresh pasta by hand at 7!
Back in Italy in '75, I continued for two years as commis and then line cook at the restaurant La Vigna dei Cardinali. In 1978/79 I also became, for the summer season, Chef de cuisine of the restaurant within the Shanty Boy Holiday resort, in S.Giovanni in Venere (CH).
My occupation completely changed as I started using my education: I worked with many leading companies through a progressive path as a photographer, reporter, ENG reporter, then television producer, director of my own agency in Rome (ACF) (1983-2004) and in Havana,(1996-2006) and finally strategic communication consultant. Well over thirty years of activity in three continents led me to work for important clients as Gianni Bulgari, Fila, Ducati, Mercedes Benz , Renault, Abbot, Rank Lighting, etc.

My coming back to food at a later age is an existential choice: back to what I had continued to follow as an hobby through the years, back to what I love most.

So I restarted my cook life with:
• The opening project of Las Rosas, Torino 2006
• Support to Boston Seafood Co. promotion in Italy 2006-2009
• Second Chef for hi-season support at “Trattoria Da Serafina” San Sicario, (To) from 2007 to 2010...
Angelos'Cucina Italiana
"Food is nice here
but ...in

it was just
another thing

Angelo Fanton CEO
"Here's my c. ."

In 2009 the time was right to get back to the most credited school of Rome “A Tavola con Lo Chef ”and qualified as a certified professional cook.
Then came:
Support to the opening of Oltremare pizza & restaurant, Civitavecchia, 2009. Chef for high season support at “Culturi” restaurant owner De Filippi, San Sicario,(To) from 2010 to 2011. Examiner for the “A Tavola con Lo Chef School”, Roma 2009-12. .
Member of the Rome Chef Association UCLAR - FIC 2009
Executive board member, Rome Chef Association UCLAR 2010-2014
Resp. promotion of Bavarian Food products in Rome 2011
Cook selected for “Un Piatto per Roma Capitale” 2010-2011
Volunteer with Civil Protection, cooking for 250 person/day at the Emilia earthquake site, 2011
Line chef for a meat position in the Prestige Shipyard presentation Gala (1800 people) Civitavecchia 2011
Food blogger: //angeloscucinaitaliana.tumblr.com
Responsible for communication, Rome Chef Association FIC 2010-14

And in 2012 I gave my work the form of Itinera Cibi project. It has brought me to Italian cities, to Spain and to England, to Grece, ...
And every journey I might teach something but I certanly learn a lot....
that's Itinera Cibi
for you:
Itinera Cibi chefs come to work
with you,
right in your kitchen,
choosing products, checking
cooking techniques, renewing
as necessary the menu.

Together to make the best
possible fusion:
quality + Italian specialities,

a world legacy
da casa
Itinera Cibi ® Roma 2012 all rights reserved
happy to answer your enquiries!
A Presto!

on request we offer the possibility of sending over
young talented Italian cooks as apprentice or as commis!
evaluate the restaurant in terms of
quality and Italian authenticity,
correct recipes preparation
propose improvement of the menu, without forgetting previous history, positioning and consolidated clientele.
if necessary, help to integrate
the know how on products buying,
techniques and recipes,

We organize as “ Guest Chef from Italy” an
number of special menu evenings. If properly advertised such events permit an immediate
evaluation of benefits.
But who is Itinera Cibi?
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But who is Itinera Cibi?
Itinera Cibi?
But who
...where do we start ?
who is
OK, but ...
Ask for a quote!
(Travel & hotel expenses + 1/3 of fee are due in advance.)
no obligation! Wont'take long to share the right plan and agree the right cost .
clik on the right arrow to advance >>
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