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Social Marketing

No description

Joanna Reynolds

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Social Marketing

Legal Highs

Claire Mcdonald
Social Marketing
“Social marketing is the use of marketing principles and techniques to influence a target audience to voluntarily accept, reject, modify, or abandon a behaviour for the benefit of individuals, groups, or society as a whole.” (Kotler, 2002)





Raise Awareness
Pioneered by Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman in the 1970's (Kotler, 2011)
Improve health
Prevent Injuries
Protect the enviornment
Contribute to communities
(Kotler, 2011)
Commercial vs Social Marketing

Selling goods and services vs selling behaviour change
Financial gain vs individual/societal gain
Criteria for selecting target markets
• A customer orientation is applied
• Exchange theory is fundamental
• Marketing research is used throughout the process
• Audiences are segmented
• All 4p’s are considered
• Results are measured and used for improvement

What are Legal Highs?
“Substances with psychotropic effects that are intentionally marketed and distributed for recreational use by exploiting inadequacies of existing controlled substance legislation.” (Current legal highs, 2013)
Just because they are marketed as legal substances
does not mean they are safe.
They haven't been tested on humans

Can't be sure what your taking or what the effects might be
To educate, inform and raise awareness to 17-25 yr about what legal highs are and the risks and consequences that are involved with taking them
Social Problem- Legal Highs
Influencing Individual Behaviors
Reports & Extent of Problem
“one in 12 young people in the UK admitted to having taken legal highs - the highest figure in Europe” BBC News (2013) 1

“The owners of a shop that sells legal highs have defended their firm after a 17-year-old suffered a near-fatal reaction to a product they sold.” BBC News (2013) 2

“teenager who nearly died from a heart attack after taking a so-called "legal high" has said the drugs should be banned.” BBC News (2013) 3

“Brighton medical student Hester Stewart, 21, died in 2009 after taking the then-legal drug.” BBC News (2013) 4

“A teenager has died after taking a "legal high" he bought on the internet.” BBC News (2013) 5

“Jimmy Guichard, 20, died in hospital within hours of taking a legal high” Robinson, M. (2013)

(Kotler, 2002)
(Legal highs hallow, 2013)
What are the risks?
"the urge to alter one's consciousness is as primary as the drive to satiate thirst, hunger or sexual desire."
- Ronald K. Siegel
Downstream: Individual Involvement
Fundamental focus is on the consumer (Hastings & Haywood, 1991)
Social Context
Qualitative Research
"Well, if my friends were going to take them on a night out or at a festival, I probably would too."
"The fact they are legal makes them much more accessible than any illegal drugs. You can buy them on the internet."
"There are so many to choose from and (the packaging) makes them look really fun. They do not really look dangerous."
"If they are legal they must be safe. Everyone who has been affected have just taken too much."
Social Context
Target Audience?
Self-Perceptions & Beliefs
Health Beliefs
Normative Beliefs
Stages of

(Prochaska & Di Clemente, 1982)
Nick Gilchrist
Joanna Reynolds
Nicole Torrice
Anxiety, paranoia, psychosis
Reduce concentration, slowed reactions, lethargic, forgetful, physically unsteady
Alter perception, hallucinations, act erratically, disregard to safety
(Talk to Frank, 2013)
(Youtube, 2009)
Government Involvement
Trading standards
NHS and Ambulance services
Helpful Websites
No print media campaigns

(Cheng, H. et al, 2011)
BBC News (2013) 4
Robinson, M. (2013)
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Legal Highs cannot be sold for human consumption
Sold as plant food, bath salts or herbal remedies
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