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Proudly presented by : Loh Jia Wei

No description

Loh Jia Wei

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Proudly presented by : Loh Jia Wei

SWOT Analysis On
SWOT Analysis
A study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.
Walt Disney's Parks And Resorts
simple and powerful for
World's most popular brand attracting close to 16 million tourists every year

Wide range of activities suitable for all age groups

Diversified business ; Disney Cruise Line, Aulani etc

Long-awaited Seven dwarfs mine train will open in Magic Kingdom in mid 2014
Leverage on successful Walt's Disney Studios trademarks in creating more theme park attractions

Disney Consumer Products
Walt Disney's Studios
Disney's Interactive and
Media Networks

Industry: Digital Media, Interactive Entertainment

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Glendale, CA

Properties: Disney Infinity, Club Penguin, Where’s My Water, Disney.com, Babble.com
Disney 's Media Networks
SWOT Analysis
on Disney Interactive and Media Networks

Strong local competitors e.g Unversal Studios

Competitors are very strong and experienced in the industry
Disney channel- feeds over 169 countries in more than 30 languages

ESPN - competitive advantage in terms of sports prowess

Disney Channel
Disney ABC TV group
Interactive business operating in red for the past years ;
weak video game sales and failure of social networking

ESPN is unable to provide fullest customer satisfaction due to the inability to broadcast popular sports programmes.

Weaknesses in other networks, heavy reliance on ESPN for revenue
Media networks to expand worldwide as currently 60% of the success comes from North America.

Creation of more interesting games and social network platforms. e.g Where's My Water? and Infinity gaming platform

Disney retail stores
world largest liscensor

innovative and the development of the products never stopped.

Growth of mega franchises e.g Disney Cars, and incredible lasting power of Mickey Mouse - world largest on track to generate $9 million in global retail sales
high operating costs due to quality consciousness ( quality checks , process, assurance etc )

lagging revenue
( consumer's products should be a division that performs as well as the other divisions of Disney, hence the slower increasing rate of revenue shows the lack of marketing and promoting on the division )
Themes of parks are for the younger groups of people; limited target audience
Broaden international opportunities. hitting into the markets of the emerging countries, China, India.
Product portfolio is huge, making management and monitoring a hindrance to the company
Due to advances in information techonology and the Internet, poses a threat to TV channels as they become an alternative of TV shows.
Competitors like Cartoon Network broadcasting more appealing and innovative cartoon programmes.
1983 - 1987
Proudly presented by :
Loh Jia Wei
Huang Ling Ling
Tao Quan Yu
Zeng Di Yang
The Walt Disney Company
The start of Disney co. also known as the Disney Brothers Studios on 16 October 1923 by Walter Elias Disney and Roy O Disney.
The Start of Walt Disney and Walt Disney Studios.....
The creation of Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoons
Snow White and the seven dwarfs animated film
Peter Pan film
1920s to 1950s
The opening of the FIRST Disneyland Park.....
Disney park, the first Disneyland park was opened in Anaheim, California.
1960s to 1980s
The creation of more Disney characters
Opening of Walt Disney World Resort
Opening of more Disneyland Parks
The start of Disney Channel and the first Disney retail store in Glendale, California
Disney channel started broadcasting and the first retail store selling Disney consumer goods is ser up.
Start of Disney Interactive and the expansion of Disney Media Networks
Start of Disney interactive and Disney Online
Bought over ABC channels
Started Disney publishing
1995 to 2000
Started Disney radio
Diversification of Disney Parks and Resorts businesses
The opening of more amusement parks
The start of Walt Disney animation movies and overall expansion in all sectors of businesses
Opening of more resorts and parks
Launch of Disney XD ( cable network )
Bought over Pixar, Marvel
Liscensing of TV episodes, shows to be available for download on Apple's iTunes

Walt Disney Company over the past decades
2014 and onwards.....
The five core businesses of Walt Disney Co.
potential to tap into more comic and movie franchises
expanding the retail sales of Disney products to the emerging countries in Southeast asia.

Frequent change in tastes of consumers

Faces strong competition from other companies movie franchises e.g Madagascar, Transformers, Shrek etc.
Marvel Studios
Pixar Animation
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Acquisitions of well known movie production studios; Marvels and Pixar.

Disney movies are shown worldwide with different languages; increase in popularity

Customer's loyalty on Pixar's animation
Exploring into more genres of movies e.g Harry Potter , Twilight etc.
Strong competitors like 20th Century Fox and Paramount pictures
Uncertain change in consumer's preferences; e.g Hannah Montana and High School Musical

Decrease in sales for DVDs
Disney Publishing worldwide
What Disney should do?..........
Leverage on Strengths: Walt Disney Studios aquisitions

Exit Weakness: Walt Disney Networks’ poor performance in ABC Network

Exploit Opportunities: Venturing into new regions

Counter Threats: Piracy of Consumer Products

Thank you for your kind attention!
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