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The Marsupial Mother: The Benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care

BEL 492 Presentation

Sharif Umar

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of The Marsupial Mother: The Benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care

Name: Sharif Umar Haiyuddin B. Mohamed
Student ID: 2012267614
Madam Julina Munchar

The Marsupial Mother: The Benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care
Emotional Benefits to Parent and Child
Reduces Mortality Rate
Overall,KMCwas associated with a statistically significant reduction in the risk of mortality at discharge or 40 - 41 weeks’ postmenstrual age

(3.4% vs 5.7%; typical RR 0.60, 95% CI 0.39 to 0.93; I 2 = 0%; NNT for benefit 43, 95% CI 28 to 251) (Figure 3),
When the baby is placed on the chest of the parent;

they will hear the parents
The benefits truly outweighs the disadvantages of Kangaroo Mother Care
BEL 492
Presentation Skills

Facilitates Oxytocin Release for Breastfeeding
Breast milk is important for all babies because;

Best nourishment for them.
Healthy growth and development in first 6 months
Protect from many illnesses.
When baby is place in between the mother's breast,

creates a suitable thermal environment stimulate blood the mammary glands.
mammary glands stimulated by the action of the hormone, Oxytocin.
Where Is Kangaroo Mother Care Practice?
Three Important Points on Kangaroo Mother Care
Helps facilitate oxytocin release for breasfeeding

Reduces mortality rate of preterm infant

Provides emotional benefits to both parent and baby
Oxytocin is a naturally-occurring hormone that is released by the pituitary gland in the brain.

Nicknamed nature’s “forget me not”.

Oxytocin stimulate milk to flow by causing contraction of the muscle fibers.

This result in the “letdown reflex”.

Basically it means the milk will drip from the mother’s breast.
and breathing rhythm.
This creates a soothing effect to the child and makes them calm
When the baby feels calm, the parent's body will release endorphins which will instantly relax them.
Kangaroo Mother Care also creates stronger bond with your premature infant.
Reader's Digest
"Twin Miracle: Hugged Back to Life"
Hype of Kangaroo Mother Care
Dr Susan Ludington
"Separation Is Not Biologically Normal"
Thank you for lending your ears to this presentation
A 1994 study conducted by Bergman and Jürisoo in Zimbabwe, reported a reduction in mortality rate of preterm infants in a hospital setting with little equipments.
A recent research published this year in 2012 entitled "Kangaroo Mother Care to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality in Low Birthweight Infants"
there is an increase in hospital survival from 10% to 50% in infants weighing less than 1500g ;
70% to 90% in infants weighing between 1500g to 1999g.
Infants brain interprets the mother's contact as a "safe place".
the brain will resume its developmental program that focuses on the physical aspect of the body.
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