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Backyard Monsters

A Prezi about the game Backyard Monsters on Facebook. Tells you all about it, what to do, about the buildings and monsters and much much more.

Chill Man

on 17 July 2011

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Transcript of Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsters is awesome!
If you don't know what it is, read the summary below.
Backyard Monsters is a Facebook application in which players create and manage a base with defenses on your yard. This base is part of a large world with many other players in it, which can attack each other.

How To Play: The goal of Backyard Monsters is to mainly build the best base ever by building defences, collecting resources, building and upgrading buildings and attacking other players or defending your base from their attacks.

You start with a week's protection from all attacks. In this time it is important to focus on managing your base instead of attempting to attack. If you attempt to attack anyone, the protection will wear off instantly and the person you attacked (unless it was a NPC) and people in range of 2 levels up and 2 levels down will be able to attack you.

When you start, the game gives you a fair amount of resources, help, and Quests. This includes a Town Hall, a General Store, a Sniper Tower, a Hatchery, a Monster Housing, the ability to get Pokies, harvesters and shiny to speed up construction time so your base will be well defended after seven days.

Do not waste your shiny on decor as it is a waste of important shiny. Instead, concentrate on leveling up your town base first to build more stuff. In order to do that, use the 1000 shiny they give you.

By the end of seven days, you should have:

A Level 3 Town Hall
A Map Room
A Level 1 Flinger
2 Lvl 2 Sniper Towers
2 Lvl 2 Cannon Towers
2 of each Harvesters, each at lvl 3
2 Storage Silos at lvl 3
A Monster Housing
A Monster Locker
A Hatchery
And a lot of blocks. The highest level you can get your Town Hall to
is level 8 You can get your Storage Silo's and Harvesters to level 10 You can have two Laser towers and two Tesla towers You can also have 6 Sniper towers and 6 Cannon towers
with a level 8 Town Hall You can now have a Monster Lab and an Aerial Defense Tower! You can also bunk monsters with a Monster Bunker. Quite a while ago, the Backyard Monsters team added a Bank All option, allowing you to bank all of your resources in one click. Very recently, the Backyard Monsters team made a Defensive item called the "Champion Cage". You can raise a champion - Gorgo, Fomor, or Drull. However, Gorgo is more favoured. To evolve a Champion, you have to feed it monsters every 24 hours. Gorgo the Great Fomor the Fearless Drull the Destroyer First evolution:
free Second evolution:
15 Ichi

Third evolution:
5 Ichi
10 Octo-ooze

Fourth evolution:
20 Ichi

Fifth evolution:
10 Crabatron
10 Ichi

Sixth evolution:
10 Crabatron
1 D.A.V.E. First evolution:
free Second evolution:
30 Pokey

Third evolution:
15 Fink
20 Pokey

Fourth evolution:
50 Bandito

Fifth evolution:
15 Fang
10 Bandito

Sixth evolution:
30 Fang First Evolution:
20 Bolt

Second Evolution:
2 Brain
20 Bolt

Third Evolution
40 Bolt
5 Brain

Fourth Evolution:
50 Bolt
20 Brain

Fifth Evolution:
50 Bolt
50 Brain

Sixth Evolution:
20 Brain
10 Teratorn If you still think Backyard Monsters sucks, watch this video of Drull attacking a level 35 Dreadnaught Base.
ENJOY! Here's a video of level 6 Gorgo attacking a level 6 Drull. And now we will show you somebody attaking a tribes yard. A few months ago, the Backyard Monsters team made an option to upgrade your maproom so you can build your own empire. You can attack other outposts and wild tribe bases and if you destroy at least 90%, you can take over the yard. With the help of Backyard Monsters Wiki Laser tower Tesla tower Sniper tower Cannon tower Monster Lab Aerial Defense Tower Twig snapper Putty squisher Goo factory Pebble shiner Storage silo There are 4 types of blocks - Wood, stone, metal, and gold. Oh ya. The buildings. We will tell you all about them and how many you can get of each with a level 8 town hall. You can get 6 harvesters of each, 5 Storage Silos, 1 General Store, 1 Monster Locker, 1 Hatchery Control Center, 1 Flinger, 1 Catapult, 1 Map Room, 1 Monster Baiter, 1 Monster Lab, 1 Yard Planner, 1 Monster Juicer, 2 Monster Academys, 4 Housings, 5 Hatcherys, 4 Monster Bunkers, 6 Sniper Towers, 6 Cannon Towers, 2 Tesla Towers, 2 Laser Towers, 1 Champion Cage, 50 Booby Traps, 300 Blocks and 2 Aerial Defense Towers. And of course, you can have 1 Town Hall. The harvesters make your resources. They give you twigs, pebbles, putty and goo. The Storage Silos give you more storage space. The defensive towers help defend your yard. However, only the Sniper Tower, Tesla Tower and Aerial Defense Tower can kill flying monsters. The Sniper and Tesla Tower are good for long distance and doing lots of damage but they are slow to reload. Cannon and Laser Towers are good for packs as the towers do damage to all the monsters around it. Booby Traps expload when a monster steps on it and it does damage to all the monsters aroung it. the General Store lets you use Shiny for speed ups and other cool stuff. The Monster Locker unlocks other monsters. The flinger flings in monsters during attacks. The Catapult flings in resources to damage buildings and help your monsters. The Map Room gives you options on who to attack. The Monster Baiter attracts monsters and attack your yard. The Monster Lab gives your monsters special abilities. The Yard Planner lets you move your buildings easily. The Monster Juicer lets you juice your monsters and gives you back your goo. The Monster Academy upgrades your monsters. The Housings house your monsters. The Hatchery makes your monsters. The Hatchery Control Center controls all your hatcheries. Lastly, your Town Hall is the hub of any great yard and the first building you will make. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings, features and lets you upgrade other buildings to a higher level. Here is Chill Man's Backyard Monsters base. Here is Alex Sta's ( Ed Sta is Facebook name) Backyard monsters base Here is what a Yard Planner is with tower ranges on. This is what a Yard Planner is like with tower ranges off. Who can forget, the actual Yard Planner building. This is what a Monster Juicer looks like. It is used to juice monsters to get rid of them. With the help of Backyard Monsters Wiki And of course. What the buildings look like. If you don't know what the resources are for, read the description below. Pebbles and twigs are used for making and upgrading buildings. Putty is also sometimes used for upgrading buildings. It is mostly used for unlocking monsters, upgrading them or unlocking their special abilities. Goo is used for making monsters. Different monsters use different amounts of goo. To level up, you need to reach 40% of your current amount of XP in total from the time you level up. The General Store is a really cool building. There are m.any monsters but which ones are the best or what is the best combo? We will tell you that. D.A.V.E. is the best monster. However, if a lot of Snipers and Teslas are shooting at it, it can die easily. That's why you should always have Ichi or Crabatron and use them to destroy the defensive towers first. Also, if you have a lot of resources, use twigs and pebbles to destry the defensive tower. The best combo is probably using a lot of defensive monsters first with a few Zafreeti. Then put in groups of D.A.V.E. at every corner with a lot of Zafreeti. It is best if you put 3 D.A.V.E. and 2 Zafreeti in each corner. It is also good if you can put Zafreeti with one of your champion. However, another good combination is lots of Crabatron and half the amount of Project X. If they have a champion. Use D.A.V.E. with Zafreeti to kill it or you can use a lot of Eye-Ra and kill it. And now the monsters. There are 16 monsters in total. They are all good at something.

Monsters are creatures that can be used to defend the player's yard, or attack another player's base. They require Monster Housing space to stay in your base. Each monster has a different specialty and favorite target(s).

To produce a monster, it first has to be unlocked via the Monster Locker. After this, the unlocked monster can be produced in a Hatchery. To do this, you have to click the Hatchery in which you want to produce your monster(s) and select 'View Hatchery'. This will open up a window in which you can select any unlocked monster to produce. Note that producing monsters requires a certain amount of Goo and that required Goo is instantly subtracted from your Goo level, before the production of the monster starts.

If you do not have enough space left in your monster housing to place a new monster, it will still be produced. However, once the production time has passed, the monster will stay in your hatchery until there is enough room in housing, effectively blocking the monster production queue in that hatchery.

Monsters can have different levels of strength. When a monster is unlocked through the Monster Locker, it will be on level one. Each monster can be trained up to level five through the Monster Academy.

Each monster level may alter specifications like health, damage and speed and may only be unlocked once. Training may also increase the amount of space a monster takes up in the Monster Housing. Once a training is complete, the levels of all existing and newly created monsters will rise to the unlocked level.

The most common use of monsters is to fling them into another player's base using a Flinger and have them attack the buildings in that base. Monsters will, when possible, target their favorite targeted buildings first, not that these may not alway be buildings you want them to attack.

After sending the monsters into battle, you will not be able to retrieve them back into your base, or order them to attack a specific building first. Champion monsters can be used to attack bases. Due to their extreme power they can be used to solo other peoples bases

To defend your yard, you will mainly set up Defensive Structures, but you can also use your own monsters to help defend certain areas of your base. To do this, you will first have to build a Monster Bunker. Once the construction is complete, you can place some of your own monsters in the bunker.

Once enemy monsters come into bunker range, the monsters inside well be sent out and attack them. The champion cage can be used to create a champion monster (gorgo, fomor or drull) which will eat monsters, deending your base and causing them to evolve.

Champion Monsters are the most powerful monsters in the game, which can only be raised in a Champion Cage. You are limited to one champion housed in your yard at all times and you have to feed him a set amount of smaller monsters to evolve him every 24 hours. there are currently 3 types of champions drull, formor, and gorgo

A quick summary about monsters:

* To unlock a monster, use the Monster Locker;
* Store your monsteers in a Monster Housing;
* Upgrade your monsters in a Monster Academy;
* Fling your monsters into battle using the Flinger;
* Assign monsters to protect your yard by placing them into a Monster Bunker;
* Raise a mighty Champion to give your battles some serious edge;
* When you grow tired of a monster, juice it in the Monster Juicer;
* And when you can't have enough monsters around, attract some hostile ones using the Wild Monster Baiter. Now that you know a bit about monsters, why don't we tell you about the different monsters. Pokey-Like a swarm of ants, a roaming pack of Pokeys can devour a grown cow in less tham 5 minutes.
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