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Managing the Franchisor’s Operations Process

No description

Rochelle Cristobal

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Managing the Franchisor’s Operations Process

Managing the Franchisor’s Operations Process
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Franchise Package
Promotional Package
Operational Materials
Promotional Package
Solicit franchisee applicants to the franchise system
Provide basic information about franchise
Illustrate the follow-up forms used to sign

Promotional Package must explain:
Essentials of the franchising agreements
Recommended information reporting and bookkeeping system
Advertising practice
“Prospective franchisees want to buy a consistent customer
experience that is proven, day after day, to be successful
in the market place.”

Mcdo bigmac

Superior Value
Quality Products
Administrative Expense
Hiring and training sales people to recruit
and solicit prospective franchisees.
Non-personnel cost such as:
- publishing brochures
- advertising
- promoting the business through trade show

Recruitment Package
Recruitment brochures
Disclosure documents
Information about benefits and opportunities
Operations Package
fairly extensive and the materials are
often put in the form of manuals

Operating manual
Training manual
Location Selection Criteria
Marketing Manual
Advertising Manual
Field Support Manual
Quality Control Manual
Pre-opening Manual
Site inspection Manual
Reporting Manual
It must returned to the franchisors if the franchisee leaves a system
Includes the standard operation of the whole unit
Guide for teaching operating procedures and personnel management

Ongoing training
On-site training provided by field staff of the franchisor after the franchisee has entered business.

Bring the franchisee and staff closer together
Training Program Development
- Should develop basic management and business skills.
- Franchisors have found that group training is more effective than individual training.
- It can have a dramatic effect on the success or failure of a franchise system.
Location Selection Criteria
- economic strength and potential of a particular region.
- economic strength and potential of metropolitan area or market area.
- availability of transportation for supplies
employment trends and employment mix
- demographic characteristics within the community or particular market segment in terms of usage or purchase of the product or service.
- Traffic ingress and egress at sites being considered
- Land development and construction cost
- Location of primary competitors within the primary service area
Marketing Manual
Describe the franchisors marketing philosophy
Discusses in detail the features and characteristics used to market the franchised business offering
Including information about packaging,labeling, and consumer services that franchisees should make available
Advertising Manual
Signage and public relation

Field Support Manual
Services as training
Record keeping
Financial planning
Quality control standards and procedure
Procedure’s for use in evaluating the performance of the franchised business
Quality Control Forms
It helps the franchisee to maintain desires standards of product quality, service performance, and presentation.
Pre-Opening Manual
Six months prior to grand opening.
Three to six months prior to grand opening.
One to three months prior to grand opening.
Thirthy days prior to grand opening.
Site Inspection Manual
Describe each items that is included in an inspection, along with the criteria used and procedures to be followed by the franchisee including a daily or weekly log for the franchisee to complete.
Record Keeping Manual
Describes a standardized accounting and record keeping system that will provide a means of obtaining accurate financial information with a minimum of time and effort.
Operating Manual
Training Manual
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