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No description

Callum Morgan

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Empathy

Irwin's Bakery Marketing Plan
Engage the target market
Personal, casual interviews

50% said that buying local was important to them.
62% would be more willing to buy a product if they knew it was made in Northern Ireland

More brainstorming...


Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Quantitative Research

Initial reactions to logo - 70%

More likely to purchase - 52%

Satisfied with overall strategy - 54%

Consumer Feedback
We explored a wide solution space and developed some ideas in order to create prototypes and test among users.

Potential Partners
Survey based on interviews

"This would be a great idea as there are a lot of people who do like to support the companies of NI. A lot of people are not sure as to where the products come from and this will give them a better idea."

"Yes it would be useful. I am encouraged to shop at Lidl for instance, because they state what products are locally sourced."

"Buying local makes me feel good."
Social Media Usage of Irwin's Target Market
Facebook: 76%
Twitter: 32%
- Educate consumers on the benfits of buying locally made produce.

- Authentic and traditional on packaging

- Limited resources available.

Let's Discuss!
"I am well-educated on what brands are manufactured or are located in Northern Ireland."

"I wish there were an easier way for me to know what goods are made in Northern Ireland."

Likert Scale Statements
Survey Results
Irwin's Target Market
Women 25-44 in Northern Ireland
Over 66% agreed or strongly agreed that there was an easier way to know what goods are made in NI.

Less than 9% disagreed.
Social media campaign
Company Website

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