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by Linda & Eva

Eva Tripp

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Fairtrade

by Linda & Eva
History and Vision
develop standards for producers and traders
supports producers in terms of certification and market opportunities
improve the Fairtrade strategy
promote fair trade
The main tasks
Benefits and downsides
About Fairtrade
Events all over the world
Fairtrade in Austria
Supporting Fairtrade
Africa Fairtrade Convention
Fairtrade in easy words
partnership between producers and traders
high standards to support farmers
Fairtrade mark
system of producers, fairtrade member organizations and FLOCERT
partners: European Commission (EC), Lidl, German Development Bank (KfW) etc.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference,
November 2013, Poland
Banana FairDay, September 2014, Germany
Fair Trade Towns Conference, July 2015, UK
national fair trade organizations
Fairtrade International in 1997
Fairtrade mark in 2002
secure and sustainable life for all producers
reform international trade rules
create a fairer economic system
promote fairer trading conditions
fight poverty
Prominent supporters:
Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer, Doris and Stefanie Schwaiger, Nina Blum, Rebecca Bakken and Barbara Karlich
The Fairtrade Quiz
stable prices
Fairtrade Premium
More power for workers
protects environment
health and education for the poor
fair working conditions
no child labour
farmers get dependent
false labels
expensive products
no regional products
small product range
farmers don't get our money
expensive certification
buy Fairtrade products
ask for Fairtrade in restaurants
follow Fairtrade on social networks
spread the word in schools, clubs, companies and your hometown
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