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Close To Famous

No description

Hannah Kiser

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Close To Famous

Close To Famous

By: Joan Bauer
Written By: Hannah Kiser
Class Period: 2nd Period

Major Setting: At a motel where they used to live, at Memphis, and Culpepper.
Minor Setting: At Memphis where they used to live when the Elvis impersonator broke all the dishes and cups.
Quote: "Don't kill the batter with overbeating, because holes can formin the muffin when it bakes"
About The Author
Author's Name: Joan Bauer
Born: July 12, 1951
First Book Written: Squashed
Other Books Written: Close To Famous, Squashed, and Almost Home.
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Awards: NewBery Honor
Important Events: Joan's mom boyfreind was an Elvis impersonator. Her boyfreind was now her ex-boyfreind and he got really mad and started breaking stuff.

Book Review
My Opinion Of The Book: I thought that the book was amazing and would like to read more books that she wrote.
My Favorite Qoute: "Don't kill the batter with overbeating, because holes can form in the muffin when it bakes."
Major Characters: Foster, Kitty, Lester, Miss Charlene, and Huck
Describe: Foster is the kid, Kitty is the women that is married to Lester, Lester is the man that is married to Kitty, Miss Charlene is the movie star, and Huck is the Elvis impersonetor.
Events: Joan's moms boyfreind the Elvis impersonator was made because she broke up with him and he started screming hitting her and threw stuff.
Joan and her mom left Memphis and didn't know where they was going. They fell asleep and when they woke up they was on a cliff.
Book Cover
Joan getting an award
Joan Bauer
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