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Sari Mooma

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Hunga

: islands that lie scattered east of Fiji in the south Pacific Ocean. 36% of the land is agricultural.
: The climate of Hunga is subtropical.
With roughly mountain forests.
: Some original forest growth can be found on islands in the Vava and the Hapapi groups.Tree species include coconut palms, and paper mulberry. Tropical bushes and flowers are abundant. A wide variety of fish are found in the coastal waters.Hunga is famous for it's flying foxes.

: 88% of Hunganians are Christian and 12% are Muslim and Hindu, though freedom of religion is provided for in the constitution and there is no state religion.
: The Hungans are a racially homogeneous Polynesian people. Less than 2% of the population is European
: Tongan and English as second language.
: Religious traditions like Christmas ,Eid, New Years, Holi, and way more. The ANZAC day which is remembering the ones who died at wars.
: mostly famous of our seafood and fruits.
The economy is largely agricultural, the principal cash crops are squash, fish, copra and coconut products, vanilla bean extract and bananas, not forgetting tourist attraction too.
: Hunga uses the Australian Dollar equals to .77 in the US Dollar.
: Federal republic
o the legislative branch
Creates laws
o the executive branch
They support and apply the laws made
o the judicial branch
Explains the law and manage justice

Thank you!
: Hunga after the volcano that first started these islands.
: Vava
: 188 miles and still expanding from volcanic eruptions.
: 105,289 (2013)
: in the 1616s when the Dutch found this place the British like always didn't like it so they attacked and took over. May 4, 1793 when the civil war erupted, both sides got to a conclusion that both the dutch and Britain should be friends. and Hunga formed under the protection of the British, in 1835 Hunga was big and strong enough to be it's own country that's when most of the british left and some stayed and lived on the islands.

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The friendly islands
The 6 stars represent the unity of our main 6 islands under our government. The blood that was wasted for our freedom is red, the black is the wars that happened for our country.

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