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No description

Emily Grage

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Zoologist

ZOOLOGIST By: Emily Grage What Does a Zoologist Do? Pictures Zoologist and penguin Zoologist and manatee Environment for Zoologists What zoologists wear to work Interesting Facts Definition Video for a better example About What Is a Zoologist? The branch of biology that deals
with animals and animal life. * You have to love animals to be a zoologist.
* Protect and take care of zoo animals.
* Know about every animal in the zoo.
* Sometimes known as the animal scientists or animal biologists.
* Work in all areas of animal life. http://www.tubechop.com/watch/701098 * They can do field research, lab research, work
in a zoo or nature center, educate the public
* They are named for the group of animals they
* Over 15 different fields in zoology.
* Need at least 6 years of college. Usually they wear a lab coat unless they are in
the fields. They can wear casual clothes unless
you are always working in the fields then you
have to have certain clothes that the zoo will
give to you. *Study animals and their development, behavior, and diseases.
*If you study a certain animal in the zoo, you have a different name
*Very important role at the zoo
*Most of the time they will be with a specific animal, maybe one that you like the most or know more about.
*Zoologist make $65,759 in the United States in a year.
*Salary can go up higher but it depends on your position you are in at the zoo you work at. The zoologist is looking at the panda bear to see
what is wrong with it and it looks like it is a new
born panda. She is probably giving the panda
a checkup to see if it's a healthy panda bear. The zoologist is weighing the penguin to see how
much it weighs. They do this to see if they need to
feed the penguin more or less food. What they do and their salary Some environments are outside
where the mammals live Some environments are in the
aquariums where all the fish live Zoologist and a panda bear The zoologist is studying the manatee. The zoo that the zoologist works at probably wants them to go study these animals to see if they want them in their zoo.
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