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Topic Sentence and Controlling Idea

an introduction class to writing A2 Level

Gül Varlı

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Topic Sentence and Controlling Idea

find the topics in each sentence.
Potatoes are good for you.
Bread is an important part of your everyday food.
There are many kinds of rice.
the hamburger is a popular food in America.
People all around the world drink tea.
Fast food is popular today.
Eyes are very important part of the face.
The topic sentence has generally two main parts
The topic and the controlling idea.
Another type of topic sentence divides the subject into different parts
Living in a big city has 3 main disadvantages.
The Topic Sentence
The topic sentence is
It tells what is the paragraph about and it is generally the first sentence in a paragraph.
How to write a topic sentence like a pro?
Rice is the basic food for Japanese.
controlling idea
Using mobile phones has many advantages such as.....
Tomato lovers eat tomatoes in different styles...
Caffeine affects you in several ways.
When you use this kind of a topic sentence with 2 or 3 SUPPORT SENTENCES.
People go abroad for three main reasons.

Firstly, they go abroad because they want to have higher life standards.
In addition, they may get education abroad if it is more qualified.
Lastly, people may go abroad for work experience.
Why we need a topic sentence?
we will learn
how you can flower your support sentences
with examples and facts...

Thanks for listening
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