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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Chase V. Sam S. Ethan S.

Ethan Schlag

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

W Warsaw Ghetto Uprising In response to the deportations, on July 28, 1942, several Jewish underground organizations created an armed self-defense unit known as the Jewish Combat Organization(Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa; ZOB). Between July 22 and September 12, 1942, the German authorities deported or murdered around 300,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Rough estimates put the size of the ZOB at its formation at around 200 members. The Revisionist Party formed another resistance organization,the Jewish Military Union (Zydowski Zwiazek Wojskowy; ZZW). Although initially there was tension between the ZOB and the ZZW, both groups decided to work together to oppose German attempts to destroy the ghetto. Works Cited Heinrich Himmler's On October 1942 Heinrich Himmler ordered to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto and deport its able-bodied residents to forced labor camps in Lublin District of the Generalgouvernement. In 1940, the German Nazis began to concentrate Poland's population of over three million Jews into a number of extremely crowded ghettos. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was the Jewish resistance that arose within the Warsaw Ghetto in German occupied Poland during World War II, and which opposed Nazi Germany's effort to transport the ghetto population to Treblinka extermination camp. "Warsaw Ghetto Uprising." Wikipedia. N.p., 28 Apr. 2011. Web. 5 May 2011.
<http://www.wikipedia.org>. The Warsaw ghetto Uprising started on August 1, 1944 when the Polish underground Home Army started a rebellion in Warsaw. The Poles expected Allies, including the Soviet Red Army, to support them in a quick abolition of the city. "Warsaw Uprising 1944." Polish News Seattle. N.p., 2004. Web. 5 May 2011.
<http://www.polishnewsseattle.org> "Warsaw Ghetto Uprising." United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. N.p., 6 Jan.
2011. Web. 5 May 2011. <http://www.ushmm.org/>.
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