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Top 10 Favourite Movies

My top 10 favourite movies!

Jenny Bergeron

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Top 10 Favourite Movies

My Top 10 Favourite Movies Utlimite Countdown! #10
Edward Scissor Hands An individual making his way through life with extra tasks and a rocky road ahead of him. Edward scissor hands was eventful, entertaining and incredibally interesting, a man so creepy looking with scissors for hands. He is often mistaken as a monster, but deep down a quiet, sweet and caring gentleman. A tale to follow and learn some lessons from. A grumpy old man who has nothing in the world to care for, recently losing his wife and not caring for any other family members he is miserable and antisocial. His longtime neighborhood is infested with different cultures whom he hates. In the end, the man is shown how to love,He finds himself caring for a few of the newer foregin families. One young man in particular who he soon becomes best friends with and at one point sacrafices his life for; starring Clint Eastwood it is a action packed story with true morals. #8
Scream 4 #9
Gran Torino Nothing like a horror movie like one of the many classic Scream movies, a twisted story that keeps you guessing the whole way through as to who the murderer is. I love movies like scream 4 that keep you interested just by wondering the end by the many hints given throughout the movie. It keeps your brain working and you definatly interested. i love horror movies for the thrill and adreniline. Scream 4 was a twisted tale on the killing of many innocent people, and the ending is completely unexpected and surprising. #7
Hangover A comedy based on the stupidity of events that occur during a bachelor party trip to vegas. Losing track of a friend, getting married, waking up with a baby and a tiger, lost teeth, and having the keys to a cop car. All of this is discoverd after a night of partying and drinking in las vegas, the biggest task is solving all of their problems while enduring a massive hangover and trying to make it to a wedding on time. A eventful, funny and overall great movie; starring Bradley Cooper, this comedy made $10.2 million on night of realese, and $32 million by the end of the first weekend. Wrong Turn 2 Coming in at #6 A disturbing gory horror that faces a order of disgusting canabalistic events. Wrong Turn 2 is the tale of a few people who take 1 wrong turn and end up in no mans land; by no man's land i mean no ORDINARY mans land. An entire town was once infected with toxins that turned once normal people to oversized, creepy looking, canabalistic freaks. they have minds of their own and are disproportionate in every way possible. They are true freaks of nature and continue populating. I enjoy these movies because i love horrors with a sense of comedy and a series of on going events with always somthing new around the corner. I man who dedicated his life to protecting his area from infected humans who are now night crawling canbalistic animals. With all of his loved ones dead and himself and his dog being the only ones left for all he knows he spends his days in planned routine trying to find a cure to repopulate the earth. event after event encountering the insane animals he drags on, but by one point he finds 2 more humans, them trying to make their way to the safe land. everything he has ever done to protect himself goes wrong and he himself gives his own life to save the two newcomers, although before he died he found the cure and gave it to the new people to take to the safe land to make a new beggining. A dramatic horror full of unexpected world ending events starring Will Smith Almost there!
#4 is ZOMBIELAND A halarious comedy about the world slowly ending with all humans either turning into zombies or being eaten by the zombies. Zombieland is funny from begging to end, it has amazing graphics and shows that when we come together we can overcome anything. A young man, A young woman, a underaged girl and a twinkie obsessed control freak man come together and show how to get stuff done in each of their own ways. with guns. money and anything they want in the world they over come obstacles and turn a horror into possibly one of the funniest movies ever. Zombieland is an amazing movie and i can watch it over and over and still laugh at everything; its a movie worth seeing. #3
The Ringer The Title may sound as a horror but really the ringer is a movie about a group of people with dissabilities competeing in the special olympics, and one non- disabled man pretends to be the same as the rest to compete. This movie has a great story and shows the sweet side of people, i love this movie because it is funny, but also shows how much some people with dissablities need to put into their day and how much they care about eachother, as shown in the movie we could take so many lessons from them because they are un selfish and know the true meaning of love. it is truly a sweet movie that will keep a smile on your face and show you the real ways of caring. The newer horror movie Insidious is at #2 Insidious is a real horror movie just the way horror is supposed to be! scary moments, an ongoing tale and un expected pop ups everywhere! When a family moves into a new house their young boy becomes possesd by demons of the undead. Putting the family through shocks and scares the dad has to go into the second world to retreive his son. Fright after Fright after fright, this movie keeps the horror coming and was an outstanding film to watch that i would definatley see more them 5 times! i love the shocks of horror and this is the way it should be! Finally #1 IS
Friday the 13th!
Part 9 Friday the thirteenth, a classic horror that ANY horror fan like me would love! there are so many friday the thirteenths to choose from! i chose part 9 because i found it the most memorable, the tale of jason once again coming back and killing non stop but the twist is in the end jason goes to hell! Horror after kill, kill after horror, an ongoing marathon of killing and returning from the dead. I love all of the friday the thirteenth movies but they are really only meant for horror fans. Forever new events and rushes of adreniline friday the thirteenth movies are packed full. Do you think its clear, I am a true horror fan, but can always use a little comedy :) Thank you for watching my top 10 favourite movies! - By: Jenny Bergeron 8-07 #5 is I am legend
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