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Samantha Grainer

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Jamaica

JAMAICA - Population: 2, 705, 500

- 10, 911 km squared (4, 213 miles)

-The country can be divided into 3
landform regions eastern mountains,
central valleys and plateaus and
coastal plains

-Mostly mountains, with narrow,
discontinuous plains CLIMATE Tropical, Hot, Humid Average temperature stays between 25-31 degrees all year in the lowlands and 15-23 degrees at higher elevations FOOD

-Banana -Yams

-Coaca -Tobacco

-Coffee -Sweet Potatoes

-Coconuts -Beans

-Citrus fruits -Rice

-Ginger -Tomatoes Bananas, sugar canes and citrus fruits are the
main exports due to the warm climate. Jamaican Meals - Similar meal times to the ones
we have in Canada

-Breakfast is the most important meal

-Lunch is around noon

-Dinner is after 6:30 pm

-Many Jamaican families eat out
on Friday nights Jamaica Flag of Jamaica Facts Ten National Holidays Christian holidays:
Good friday, Easter Monday, Ash Wednesday and Christmas Day

Labour day, Independence day, Emancipation day, National Heroes day, New Years day and Boxing day Festivals and
Holidays FOODS GROWN/PRODUCED Sweet potatoes
Citrus Fruits
Ackee-Jamaica's national fruit Spices and Herbs Ginger
Peppers- bird pepper, country and scotch pepper
Pimento Economy Holidays in Jamaica Christian holidays:
Ash Wednesday- February 13th
Good Friday-March 29th
Easter Monday-April 1st
Christmas Day-December 25th New Years Day-January 1st
Labour Day- May 23rd Emancipation Day- August 1st
Independence Day- August 6th
National Heroes Day- October 21st
Boxing Day- December 26th - One of the highest in debt per capita countries in the world

-Biggest industry is tourism

-Employment comes from industries like tourism, agriculture, mining, tobacco processing *Average family income
is $43 886 Standard of Living * Standard of living depends on location -Kingston, Cherry Gardens and Forrest Hill people live in first class houses and most children attend private schools and top universities
-They have high quality imported goods and live much like how we live here in Canada Trench Town or Denham down are considered "slum districts
These individuals live with poor housing, limited food supply and inadequate to clean water, quality health care or education. Typical Menu Breakfast: Ackee, choice of codfish or makerel served with fried dumpling, citrus fruits, eggs

Lunch: Jamaican patty or bun and cheese, meat loaf or a box lunch(smaller version of dinner)

Dinner: Curry Chicken, Curry shrimp, pork, lamb, fish, and/or beans. Unemployment rate is 14% *Main protein source is chicken and pork Dining Etiquette -Table manners are relatively informal

-Do not sit until invited to

-Depends on the occassion

-Manners are similar-fork is held in the left hand and knife in the right while eating

-Often served buffet style

-Always use utensils to eat

-Do not eat until everyone is settled
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