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Copy of FDI

FDI Team presentation

akansha jain

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of FDI

What is FDI?
Examples of FDI companies in India
Importance of FDI
FDI Advantages
FDI Disadvantages
FDI In news
FDI : Facts & Figures
Conclusion { Foreign Direct Investment, or FDI, is a type of investment that involves the injection of foreign funds into an enterprise that operates in a different country of origin from the investor. } 8 World's Largest Economy
Competitive Business and Investment Climate
Good Consumer Market World's largest economy GDP over $14 trillion GDP per capita $47,000 Free trade agreements
with 17 countries #2 in AT Kearney’s Foreign Direct Investment
confidence index rankings #4 in the World Economic Forum’s
competitiveness rankings #5 in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing
Business” rankings Competitive Business and Investment Climate Commanding Consumer Market 310 million U.S. consumers Vast Internal Markets Great diversity. Top Universities The Global Leader in Information Technology Indian markets are among the world’s most open to new products, ideas and innovations Largest number of bread earners.
Top Universities
The Global Leader in Information Technology Examples of FDI FDI Advantages { } } Foreign Direct Investment What is FDI ? Raising the level of Investment
& helps in capital formation. Upgradation of Technology,management skills,business experience,technical knowhow. Employment generation Benefits to consumers & traders. Benefits Government? Billion dollars will be invested in Indian market with new infrastructure & capital. Contents : 1 million employment will create in three years - UPA Government 1. India is a debtor of foreign countries so FDI can help in repaying debts.
2.Govt. will have greater voice at international level.
3.Import and export customs will act as revenue for govt. Consumers will get Variety of choices
Traders will get good price for their goods. FDI Disadvantages Foreign Investors outflow of Profits is large.
Consumers money will be carried to foreign country.Since Profit distribution & investment ratios are not fixed. Create wrong notion among people regarding QUALITY. As well the Workers safety and policies are not mentioned clearly
The other side of coin for employment generation is number of business shutdowns because of FDI ..... Revenue to government is right but it influences political decisions. Conclusion : 1.A foreign company when entering India should sign Partnership Deed stating that profits will be shared in 51%(India):49%(Foreign Investor) shares

2.Water,land & our resources to foreign companies should be charged at high price.Crucial sectors should not be handed over to Foreign companies.

3.We need to define a strategy such Foreign companies start buying loan from us. Thank-You Why should Foreign companies invest in India? Foreign culture will be adopted by us thereby destroying our culture & tradition. Improvement in Export competitiveness. Creates imbalance between Foreign Direct Investment { } Importance of FDI :

Business opportunities have expanded to such a massive state that it has become necessary for any venture to search for foreign investors in order to increase their capital budgets & their technical expertise. When foreign companies come in India then long run aggregate supply & demand will shift outwards. Risk factor will be high since dependency will increase & therby allowing setup of monopoly business. There will be employment generation....
But productivity loss & once Again India become slaves because of Foreign countries. Benefits to consumers at initial level but slowly & steadily...
Inflation may be increased . urban & rural areas. FDI : Facts
& figures Types of FDI :
FDI equity Inflow by Countries
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