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My Student Leadership Project

No description

Charlotte thairs

on 3 July 2015

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Transcript of My Student Leadership Project

What my subject is & why I chose it
These are my first few ideas:
Drama club
Redecorate the Drama boards
My first ideas & final idea for my project
How did I complete my idea for the project?
This is what I did:
make sure everyone is on time for rehersales
know what they need to do
what side of the stage they are on
To do this I made sure that I was the last person into rehersals.
I rounded up everyone into the hall (all of the straglers)
Making sure everyone is on time for rehersals
Know what they need to do
I made sure that everybody knew what songs we were doing and if people were not there for the rehersals before knew what changes we had made, what we ran so they would know what we would be doing that day.
My opinion of the project overall
This is what I decided to do for my project:
I decided to be a Chorus 1 Mentor for the school's production of Les Miserables
enjoyed it because I was able to gain trust.
good way for me to get invoved with the drama department
It also gets me involved more with the school which I have always wanted to do.
My Student Leadership Project
Subject: Drama
Because: It is a subject I enjoy lots. It also gives me a chance to get more involved in drama.(which is what I want to do in the future)
What side of the stage
I made sure that everybody knew what side of the stage they are on for each different song that we did
Thank You for Watching
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