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Cerra's Surf

No description

C Shattuck

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Cerra's Surf

Cerra's Surf
My Sister
All About Me
I love to sing and write pretty much everywhere.
Sometimes I draw and paint at home so that's another thing that I like to do. I go to church every Sunday and it means everything to me. I swim once in a while with my dad in the summer
and it's really fun.
I have one sister and her name is Faith.
She is 8 years old and is very sensitive(so don't
get on her hot spot!) She likes to dance and has
an awesome imagination.
My Mom
Valerie Massengale was my mom's name
before she got married to my dad. She loves to
cook and bake. Her famous household cookies
are oatmeal, raisin, craisin, white chocolate,
chocolate chip. They are REALLY good!!
She also is very loving and is always there for

Next, my dad. Well he is a bit stupid(as then
he's very funny) and always has something to
joke about. He is a triathlete and runs races
for fun. He's very good at it to. His name is
David Shattuck(a.k.a Dave) and he's a genius
in math. In reality, he's the funniest dad ever.
My dad is my mentor.
I have a dog named Daisy,
She is kind of a bit crazy.
She runs around,
Smells like a hound,
And is very,very lazy.
This is my Family
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