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Psychology of Gossip Girl

No description

Sami Schneider

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Psychology of Gossip Girl

Identity Versus Role Confusion
Jenny Humphrey, Dan Humphrey's sister, struggles throughout the series to find herself. While Jenny is a very independent, strong willed girl she has a bad habit of latching onto those around her and making some bad choices like: forgetting her real friends, leaving school, almost divorcing her parents, poor decision making skills, along dealing drugs. It is not until she gets out of the Upper East Side that she can finally take control of her own life.
Self Efficacy
Blair Waldorf is the queen bee of the upper east side and she knows it. She confidently believes that she is the best the world has to offer and there is no single task she can't handle and conquer. It's this belief that she can handle anything that makes people want to follow her and it is also what makes some hate her. However, her confidence in herself is what allows her to succeed in any part of life.
Stop at 1:20
Histrionic Personality Disorder
Serena Van Der Woodson is a beautiful blonde who seems to have it all together, she is Blair's best friend and for a majority of the show the girl friend of Dan. While Serena is adored by most, her family situation is very skrewed up and in turn has cause her some emotional trauma. Serena demonstartes many of the same characteristics as a person with a histrionic personality disorder. She tends to be overly dramatic, she can be very manipulative, she seeks attentions (especially from men, which is probably because her father left her when she was little), Serena also uses seduction to get this attention. She also depends on others and tends to up and run away when things get really bad anhe cannot see a way to fix it.
Pareting Styles
Permissive Parenting
Authoritative Parenting
The Parents in this show tend to be on the permissive side. Serena's mom in the beginning seasons is extremly permissive and does pay much attention to her children. However, throughout the seasons Ms. Van Der Woodson works to become more of an authoritative parentiing style. While her intention was good that transition is very difficult on her children and it shows how important parenting styles are and how hard they can be to alter. This show also uses the charcter Rufus Humphery, the father of Dan and Jenny, to demonstrate the struggles of having to be a single dad with an authoritative parenting in a world of parents with a permissive parenting style. Many times Rufus is critized by his daughter for not being as lenient with her as her friends parents. This causes a lot of conflict in the Humphery household, especially between Jenny and her dad.
The Psychology of Gossip Girl
I chose to do my project on
Gossip Girl
because it is a show I really enjoy. I have seen the entire series and love all of the different characters. Each character has their own story and their own problems yet everyone connects to one another in some way. The show is exciting, suspensful, and very dramatic! I would definitly recommend it to anyone; however, girls tend to be the shows main fan basis. This show also deals with a lot of psychological aspects as well, and that is why I decided to use it as my " psychology of " project.
External Locus Control
In season 5 Chuck and Blair decide to elope even though Blair is engaged to Prince Louis of Monoco and is currently pregnant with his child. However, as Blair and Chuck are driving off together they are in a horrible accident. Blair loses her child and Chuck almost dies. Blair is convinced this is all her fault and prays to God promising that if he lets Chuck live she will keep her promise to marry Louis and will cut off all romantic conotact with Chuck. After making this promise to God the nurse comes in to tell her that Chuck survived. Although she is thrilled she refuses to see him and refuses to marry him even though she knows in her heart that he is the one she loves.
Intimacy Versus Isolation
Chuck Bass has always had difficulty commiting to another person. Throughout his life Chuck had never had any real responsibilities, he spent most of his time getting drunk, high, and hooking up with girls. It wasn't until he fell for Blair that he started to understand what love and commitmet was. Unfortunatley, Chuck struggles with this during almost every season and it makes his relationship with Blair very difficult. This stage in Eriksons model is especially hard for Chuck I think because his father lied to him about his mother's death, saying she died in child birth when in reality she was alive, he was ignored and verbally abused by his father for a majority of his life, his uncle trick him out of his own company, and without Chuck's knowledge his father faked his own death. So Chuck's life has not been easy and therefore his ability to love another person is a very difficult transition.
Stage Three Conventional
Dan is a writer and during the final seasons he writes two books. Both novels are insired by his time spent with those on the upper east side. He uses his friends as charcters, butchanges their names slightly. Dan struggled with this first book because he knew not everyone was portrayed as they woulhave liked. He wondered if his friends and family would still like him, he almost didn't have the book published. In the end he looked passed Kohlbergs moral stage of conventional thinking and went ahead and published his novel. Almost all of his "friends" were irritated with their portrayal in Dan's novel and Dan took their hurtful comments very personally and became angry with them in turn. This led him to write another group of short stories about his friends directly, about actual events using their actual names. Dan once again skipped over this stage of moral development and lost many of the important people in his life. It took Dan a very long time to repair those friendships.
Start at 1:10
Representativeness Heuristic
Blair's parents are divorced and when her mom began dating again Blair was exstatic. He was a lawyer and Blair assumed he would be this big shot, hot, law firm owning guy. However, he was quite the opposite and even though he made her mom really happy Blair could get her prototype for him out of her head. She felt her mother could do better, so she tried to ruin their relationship. It was until she succeeded in breaking up the two that she realized what a good man he was and how much he meant to her mother. She was able to fix her mess and the two got back together and got married.
Borderline Personality Disorder
Chuck shares a lot of the same Characteristics as a person wit borderline peersonality disorder. For the first 18 years of his life he was unable to have a healthy and stable relationships. He would have tons of hook ups, but nothing more. Even when fall in love with Blair during his junior year, he does not kw what to do with those feeling so he drinks and sleeps with high class prostitutes. Still he has these feelings and instead of facing them he demonstrates eratic emotions especially ones dealing with anger. Also when he finally learns how to approach his love for Blair he continues to struggle later in his relationship because of his intamacy vs. isolation issues causing the two to break up. Without Blair Chuck is lost and cannot function and while he still loves her he eventually learns that if he loves her he must let her go.
Passionate and Compassionate Love
Chuck and Blair are soul mates, the two demonstrate passionate love and companionate love throughout the entire series. The two go through many rough times and at times even hate one another, but their hate is never as stro as their love. The two would do anythhing for one another, which also demonstraes equity. Chuck loves Blair more than anyone else in the world, and Blair too never loved someone more than she loved Chuck. It is there consistant passion for each other that has everyone routing for them and it is what made the series finale so beautiful. The two are finally married and are finally at peace. There really was no other way to conclde the series, the two made Gossip Girl the incredible show it was.
Passionate and Companionate Love
Blair and Chuck are more than just a hook up in the back of a limo, they were soul mates from the beginning. While they had many ups and downs and even hated one another at times, they never stopped loving one another. Many say that the passionate love is the strongest in the beginning of a relationship, but Chuck and Blair are not an ordinary couple. The passion the two have for each other is something special, like Blair said in season 1 they are and will always be Chuck and Blair. They are the only one for each other, which also demonsates equity. The two have an attatchment that cannot be broken which is why their marriage was the perfect way to end the series. The two were meant to be from season one and that is why it was so great! Chuck and Blair made Gossip Girl.
Interactive Part!
Who Wore It Better
Best Summer Outfit
Best Female Formal
Best Formal Male
Best School Uniform
Best Wedding Dress
Why do we as a society have to decide who wore it better?
Gossip Girl displays how much emphasis we as a society put on material things. It shows how many times these material things get in the way of the important things in life like family, friends, and love. Everyone just picked out who looked better in a picture, including the bride in her wedding. We all do it, but do we really hve the right to judge a woman on her wedding day... no we don't. We talked about the halo effect in psychology this year and that alone shows us how much appearence means to us as a culture. In Gossip Girl it even came to point where characters were greedy, they let their materials get in the way of what is really important in life.
If you have a specific group of friends, then you will subconciously appoint one of your friends as the leader and conform to simillar habits as your frieds group.
1. Do you associate with a certain/ specific group of friends? yes/no
2. Would you say you look to one of your friends as the leader? yes/no
3. Would you consider yourself the leader of your friends? yes/no
4. Do you feel taken for granted in your group of friends? yes/no
5. Would you consider youself a leader or a follower? leader/follower
6. Do you adopt some o the same habits as your friends? yes/no
Athens Drive Students

Materials used:
I used a survey to complete prove or disprove my hypothesis. I chose this hypothesis because Gossip Girl deals a lot with unhealthy friendships and cliques. since we are in high school as well I wanted to see if we faced some of the same issues the students in Gossip Girl faced. The independent variable would be the friends a person associates themselves with and the dependent variable would be a person's behavior around those friends.
To collect this data I will either text out the survey questions or give out hard copies of the questions, which ever is more convenient for the survey taker, and then record the answers on multiple pie graphs. Then I will compare the results of each question.

Ethical Considerations
An ethical consideration I had was I wanted to pick from a wide range of people from various cultural and social economic backgrounds.

Problems with my research:
I was not able to get a very diverse group of people to answer my survey questions. Most people who answered the survey were my friends and people in my classes. This makes my data bias. Also the people who I survey may not be being honest. There is nothing in this research study that would make someone tell the truth, some people may be embarrased to admit they look to one of their friends as their leader and that the follow their example. If I could do this experiment again I would definitley collect my data differently and try to make sure my data was more diverse and that it branched out to all different friend groups.

This research proved that people do identify themselves with certain groups and it is throughout those groups that they gain certain habits and attitudes. Also it showed that about 40% of people look to one of their friends as the leader of their friends. Another surprising thing was about half the people survey thought of themselves as leaders and the other half thought of themselves as followers. I thought this was strange because in Gossip Girl there is definitley about half the charcters who would consider themselves leaders and about half that would consider themselves followers. I thought this was very interesting because I thought more people would consider themselves leaders, but just like in the show high schoolers wan to be accepted and so they find a group even if it is with people who do not always appreciate them (about 31% of students surveyed admitted to feeling as if their friends take them for granted). I think my hypothesis proved true when stating that people adopted similar behaviors from their friends, but I think the part about groups of friends looking to a leader was only partially proven since the votes were split. I think the next step would be to survey more people, I only survey 13 students. I think if I surveyed more students from all over Wake County and looked at both ublic and private schools I could get better and more accurate data. This is definitley important because it is who we are, it is how our society is determining its identity whether you think this is the right way for a person to decide who they are as a person it is still how we do it.
Thank You!
Gossip Girl
Sami Schneider
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