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Whale Rider: Case Study of Responsible Leadership

No description

Adiya Atuluku

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Whale Rider: Case Study of Responsible Leadership

Paikea's Becoming...
Paikea proves her potential
Paikea is born a girl
Paikea thinks of leadership
Paikea faces tradition
Paikea, a Hero
Paikea finds role models
Paikea becomes a leader
Presented by:
Trung Dong: 31488356
Huang Shih-Hsuan (Leon): 31358195
Swee Yin Tan: 31443112
Batool Al Nimri: 31471022
Adiya Atuluku: 31351133

The start of the journey...
Paikea has a very close relationship with her grandpa and is influenced by his leadership skills, but overhears him reject her as the next chief

Paikea affirms her identity as the next leader when she hears the "voice" of whales
Numerous whales are stranded near Paikea's home. Grandpa leads the village to use a tractor to drag them back into the water, but unsuccessful. Then Paikea climbs onto the back of the largest whale, speaks gently to it and coaxes it to re-enter the ocean.
Paikea gains acceptance as a leader
What is your whale?
And how do you move it?
Paikea uses her emotional skills to lead the whales
Koro uses structured processes to move the whale
Paikea could have sat back but chose to lead
Observing her grandpa
Situating herself by engaging with the community
Enacting role-learning secretly

Practice magnified by leadership salience

In his desperation, grandpa started to train all the first born males to be the next leader. Paikea faced more resistance when her grandpa prohibited her from joining the boys' training
Tradition & culture
Gender discrimination
Hard to change
Paikea secretly learns
But, when Paikea is frustrated by her grandpa's unfairness and his denial, she finds support...
Grandma’s encouragement
Uncle’s coaching
Different role models around Paikea
WHALE is a

The followers
A stumbling block to our leadership
Resistance to change - tradition/culture
The fighting
Paikea in the Maori traditional dress
This movie is about the Maori girl, Paikea, and her journey to be recognized as the
first female chief
by her
The current chief of the Maori village
Looking for a first born male successor
Obsessively obeys the Maori traditions
believe in "born to lead"
persistent gender bias against female leadership
Maori's symbol of a male whale rider
Main theme
A young girl fighting against the
culture & traditions; and how her grandpa gradually shifts his stance and accepts her as a
A case study on leadership growth
Paikea's proved her potential for leadership through several incidents...
But her Grandpa still could not accept a female leader
The Whale tooth
Paikea secretly observes the boys' training
Becoming the leader
Belief & persistence
In-group support
Key Lessons
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