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Ashdod Sand Dunes

What is the connection, if any, between the Aswan Dam, built in 1965 in Egypt and the vanishing resource of the Great Dune of Ashdod?

Andrei Grunfeld

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of Ashdod Sand Dunes

Ashdod Sand Dunes
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The Ashdod's giant sand dune extends to a height of 35 feet long more than 250 feet and is almost the last remnant of the white sand of the central region. Dune sands located at the south - east of Ashdod. Park entrance is located south of the bridge so far includes sycamore trees planted at the edge of the dirt road leading to the dune.
This is very unique place, not only in Israel but for the whole Mediterranean Sea.
The dunes have been developed here for thousands of years, since the creation of the land & sea and the river Nile.

Most of the sand composing the Ashdod's giant sand dune was derived from the High Ethiopian Plateau
The sand is transported by the Blue Nile cutting through hundreds of meters of thick Nubian sandstone layers.
These sands reached the Nile delta coast
Were transported by the longshore currents eastwards towards the Sinai coasts, and than to the east, and the north-east towards the Israeli coast.
Surpluses of beach sand were carried and transported inland by the wind mostly through river mouths, and in regions where no coastal-cliff exists.
Finally the sand dune was stabilized by Sycamore trees and by bushes planted at the beginning of the 20th century.
But in today’s modern times
The Aswan Dam, built in 1965 blocked the Nile in Egypt
These sands, does not reach anymore the Nile delta coast
Are not transported by the longshore currents
towards the Israeli coast.
Because the massive modern construction on the coastline from Israel surpluses of beach sand are not carried and transported inland by the wind
Finally there are no new sand deposits to be stabilized by Sycamore trees and by bushes.
The Glorious Past
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