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Software development as a whole

It's not just about programming, right?

Dmitri Shipilov

on 7 February 2010

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Transcript of Software development as a whole

resources triad constraint + quality idea / vision marketing Product Project Process People Code client is always right, right? requirements mining SRS, DOD, ... domain model priorities competitors roadmap evangelize to team! consumers needs what to deliver and when what to deliver and when who are the targets delivery what do they really need and why how to give the product price how to earn money on it promo how to advertise first things first strategic deadlines people won't do it if they don't love it make everybody understand your idea risks goals / milestones / tasks organizing Henry Gantt (1861-1919) methodologies PERT, GERT, Monte Carlo, PRINCE 2, CMMI, 6 sigma, Extreme PM, MSF PMBOK early risk identification minimization planning / measuring / correcting Мышки, чтобы вас не обижал кто ни попадя, станьте ёжиками. - Ух ты, спасибо, Филин!!! Постой, а как конкретно нам стать ёжиками? - Всё, мышки, вы этой ерундой меня не грузите, я стратегией занимаюсь. http://www.ashmanov.com/pap/bubble/ http://blog-of-roman.blogspot.com/ waterfall spiral evolutionary Rapid Development, Steve McConnell
Microsoft Press, 1996 high liability weak team accountability strict requirements agile approaches Scrum XP UP FDD etc. iterations, teamwork, collaboration, adaptability cowboy coding TDD
Continious integration
Fixed schedule
Early feedback (CDD)
Flexible design
Others risk management Efficient | Rapid | Transparent Dev Software Development
A Whole motivation commitment self-organized team control vs guidance professsional developer theories of motivation goal-setting
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