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2.07 current event

No description

victoria hurt

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of 2.07 current event

2.07 current event
In Maine, the amount of lobster that has been caught is at a record high of 56.7 million pounds, but no one seems to know why. Many believe that because of conservation, lobstermen throw back many underdeveloped and pregnant female lobsters. Also, oversized lobsters are thrown back because they can reproduce young because of their attraction levels. Carl J. Wilson believes that since lobsters are being fished so effectively, their numbers are higher. Lobster traps are designed to have specific areas when smaller lobster can escape to grow. Plus, many local fishermen discourage outsiders from trying to trap, which keeps the number of lobsters very high
1.How has the catch of lobsters changed over the past 15 years in the state of Maine?
The amounts of lobsters have increased around 20 million pounds over the 100-year average.
2.What does Walter Day suggest needs to be done to keep the industry flourishing
Walter said, Just let us do what we've been doing, and otherwise let us alone.
3.What are shorts?
Its the term used for lobster that are small to keep
4.What are eggers
Eggers are females carrying masses of roe on their underbellies
5.How are females carrying eggs marked? Why do they do this?
If a female is carrying eggs, cutting a small V-shaped notch in their tails marks them. They do this so other lobstermen would know they were breeding stock and must be thrown back
6. Why are oversized lobsters also thrown back?
They throw back oversized lobster because they are considered super studs that produce bumper crops of young

7.Besides following the rules closely, what are some other ways the lobstermen of Vinalhaven protect the lobster crop?
They do not allow cheating and veteran lobstermen have a convincing way of discouraging outsiders from catching lobster in their area. They require apprenticeships of locals.
8. Besides the lobstermen's efforts, what are other factors that may be influencing the numbers of lobsters
Some say that the warmer currents are more hospitable to the larvae and that predator fish like cod population has reduced so the babies have a better change of survival.
9.There are signs that the numbers may be dropping. What are the plans to try and keep the industry booming?
Maine is working with other Atlantic states to strengthen lobster stocks. The plan that emerges is expected to emphasize V-notching, controlling entry to new lobstermen
10.Would you become a lobsterman if you could? Why or why not?
No I would not. It is such dangerous work and the weather gets so nasty at times. It is not something I would ever enjoy and I hate the smell of fish & lobster.
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