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My Restaurant Assignment

No description

Melissa Leung

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of My Restaurant Assignment

Melissa's Seafood Diner offers adults, who enjoy these cuisines, the finest Seafood in Toronto . Market Analysis: Industry Analysis Customers Melissa's Seafood Diner welcomes everyone.The restaurant opens at noon, 10:00am. It's usually the adults and seniors who eat at lunch. But during the weekends and holidays, families come and dine with us as well for lunch. For dinner, many people come to eat. Competition Analysis Pangaea Rodney's Oyster House Golden Vanghan The Keg's Steakhouse and bar Services Our Menu.... Competitors Olde Yorke Fish & Chips Rodney's Oyster House Menu Hours Opened Keg's Steakhouse and Bar Menu Solution -To attract more customers, I will open the restaurant for lunch, dinner, and late dinner.
That is from 10:00am to 12:00am.
-Also, we offer reasonably cheaper prices than The Keg's Steakhouse & Bar and Rodney Oyster House.
-As well, we have a greater variety of seafood dishes for our customers.
-Lastly, for our customers, we give them some side dishes which are on the house We provide excellent services with professional staff. We have first-class chefs and highly-trained employees to meet your needs and demands. Our restaurant offer free dishes and coupons to our customers. For the kids, we have a playground and activities for them to do at the diner. Promotion Analysis To Promote, Melissa's Seafood Diner", How to Promote Furthermore, we will give flyers to the surrounding areas to advertise the diner. In addition we will put up ads on newspaper targeted for adults/seniors. In addition, to further promote this, there are coupons and a 30% discount from your bill from March 1 to March 3. we would advertise with flyers, commercials, radios, billboards, websites and newspapers. To advertise to the adults and seniors, I will make commercials on channels that specifically are for that age. I will also put another commercial for kids on kids channels. VIP As well, we have a VIP membership card for our regular customers Thank You For Your Attention!! Please Contact Us:
Our Website:
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