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No description

Sunnah Proteges

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Grudges!!!

I Wanted To Say Sorry!
What condition we are normally in???
We humans are a funny bug!!!
We are mostly in a condition
that we have grudges
in heart for someone,
may it be our parents, siblings,
friends, or anyone else.
Our heart is never clean from this dirt.

We all are almost always in this muddy-mud of grudges.
How petty the issues are !!!
The most sad side of this grudge story is this that we allow them to take space in our hearts just on petty issues.
Why dad said this to me like that ???
Why mum always takes her side, and never mine?
Why he (cousin) doesn't behave good with me.
Why my aunt is so rude to me?
Why didn't my friend phoned me?
Why she brought a good dress for her , and not the same for me??

If this grudge-story just ends up with a sudden drop scene??
Ever wondered?
'Abdullah b. 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: It is not permissible for a Muslim to have estranged relations with his brother beyond three days.
May ALLAH'S peace, blessings and mercy be upon you!
Look into your hearts for a minute and judge yourself in your own court..........
So, How many of you who are watching this prezi , watching this in a condition that you have no grudges in heart for anyone???
Shame on us! Just shame on us!!!
Humanity has it's head down
If you don't get a chance to say "sorry" to all
those you had grudges with????
If you just go to sleep with hatreds , complains in heart , and you never wake up???
You go to school/ university with heavy
head, and you never come back???
You fight with your friend, and that
becomes your last fight???
Just assume,
You come back from school/university, and you see an ambulance outside your house.
You were having grudges with your mother , you were not behaving well with your mum since last two weeks,
and now!!!
SHE IS NO MORE . . . . . . .

They are no more, they suddenly whoosh
But its too late,
You can't talk to your mum now
before judgment day . . . . .
She took her last breath expecting a
sorry from you. but you???
Ah! you thought it's all mum's fault.

This can actually happen if we will not change our
behaviors, no one knows his last breath, don't get late.
Just go and say sorry to all those whom you have hurt.
whom you have grudges with.!!! whether it was your
fault or not! TIE UP !! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE
Let's Forget that!
I'm Sorry! :(
Abu Huraira reported it as a marfu' hadith (and the words are): The deeds are presented on every Thursday and Friday and Allah, the Exalted and Glorious. grants pardon to every person who does not associate anything with Allah except the person in whose (heart) there is rancour against his brother. It would be said: Put both of them off until they are reconciled.
Before you end up watching this
prezi, just FORGIVE!!! all and all
Just say loudly ones
I have forgiven all those for the
sake of ALLAH who hurt me.
WITH NO GRUDGES! PLEASE.................
Forgive! So that ALLAH may forgive you too
Don't forget to remember us!
Whenever you raise your hands
to make dua . . . . . .
Leaving you with a message!

Pretty sure we will be dropping
our grudges once we are dead,
so why bother lugging them
around while we are alive???
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