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Copy of Khan Academy Case Study

No description

Spandan Mahanta

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Khan Academy Case Study

S W O T Strengths:
Clear company vision shared by all employees
Founder CEO Salman Khan
World Class Employees (including Toby the dog; many have degrees from MIT and Stanford and have worked at Google)
Huge following (over 139 million lessons given)
Very Happy Customers
Large Video archive (3100 and counting)
Extremely easy to use, intuitive format
Knowledge Map
Tries its best to encourage users (with virtual badges and such)
Excellent Videos for Math, Science, Finance, and Economics
Backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, as well as donations
Company in a field of never ending demand
Inexpensive to run Weakness:
Relatively small number of employees (26 including Toby)
A Faculty of one (Sal)
Not very child friendly
Weak in Humanities and nonexistent in languages (including English and Literature)
Knowledge Map and Practice problems only available for Math at the moment
No other means of generating revenue (used to have advertising)
Copy cats –The system is not at all complex. The system can be duplicated and formatted.
If system is duplicated completion will be fierce
Slandering organization’s reputation (No advertisement)
If one person has a bad experience (word of mouth) that person can influence others
causing defamation to the company reputation
Run the risk of having viruses uploaded as videos
Loyalty to the organization. Tutors donate their time, a threat could be those tutors trying to
make profit by limiting their teachings, tutors trying to gain monetary profit going against the
organization’s mission statement.
Organization is based on donations meaning it is unstable. When an organization is unstable it
can damage the organization’s outcome. Non-profit organization deals with no advertisement,
no salaries but donations are needed to Grow the Khan Academy library, enhance interaction,
empower coaches, translate our lessons, try new ideas in the discovery lab
Big Donors ( Google and Gates foundation) could stop funding causing donates to be minimized
General environment threats… the economic hardships can minimize donations which are used
in discovery labs

There are not enough threats its NON-PROFIT organization and it’s FREE!

Create Practice Problems & Knowledge Tree for all Subjects
Expand Education (Languages, Literature, Computer Programming, Business, etc.)
Employ more individuals (especially faculty)
Offer Tutoring (this would need to be an extra fee)
Gain more implementation into Schools
Integrate some Disc. Lab into the Classroom
Form a stronger partnership with Google (allow Google to track user interest)
Video tutoring using Google +
Expand to more recreational education (History of Star Wars, How Cars Work, etc.)
Important because it allows Google to track interest without being overly invasive
Incorporate Edutainment
Make a more child friendly version What is the Khan Academy? History Conclusion: Current Initiatives: Khan Academy Discovery Lab replace one-size-fits-all lectures with self-paced learning
Take a mastery-based approach to learning (every student takes as long as he/she needs to learn each concept fully)
Creating collaborative learning environments with students solving problems together and tutoring one another
Using focused coaching to address individual needs
Provide guidance to the teacher through real-time metrics and reporting on student performance
Khan Academy in the Classroom Non-profit Educational Company Created by Salman Khan
goal is to change education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere.
>3100 Youtube lectures
Subjects include:
Finance and Economics
Test Prep
For Math they also offer Practice Problems and Knowledge Tree Salman Khan's educational history began with 3 degrees from MIT (B.S. in math, B.S. & M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science) and an MBA from Harard Business School
Began working as a hedge fund analyst for Connective Capital Management
Began tutoring a cousin (Nadia) in math using Yahoo Doodle and Youtube videos.
The massive popularity and appreciation of his videos by random viewers helped Khan to quit his day job in 2009 and focus on a more fulfilling occupation
Since then Khan has gained some powerful friends in Bill and Melinda Gates and Google.
In 2010, Google gave the Academy $2 million to create more videos and translate them into the worlds most widely spoken languages.
Khan Academy seems headed in the right direction.
A November 2011 grant of $5 million from Ireland-based The O'Sullivan Foundation will be directed to three initiatives:
Expanding the teaching faculty
Extending content through crowd-sourced contributions following a Wikipedia-style model
Developing curricula to help users blend the content with physical teaching through STEM learning
While these are great positive steps it should still attempt to create a partnership with the likes of a Google so it can in part reduce its dependence on thee kindness of rich strangers. Needs to address kid friendiness and could still use edutainment.
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