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Leadership Behavior and Organizational Climate: An Empirical Study in a Non-profit Organization

Presentation for REM 4, Friday

Matt Ji

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Behavior and Organizational Climate: An Empirical Study in a Non-profit Organization

An Empirical Study in a Non-profit Organization Leadership Behavior and Organizational Climate What is the motivation for this study? Examine the RElationship between: What are the differences? According to Stogdill (1992): How do leadership behaviors relate with organizational climate? Litwin and Stringer (1968) defined 6 dimensions of organizational climate: What is the paper trying to analyze? 2 Hypotheses of associating the 6 dimensions of organizational climate with the leadership style Methodology by: Joseph B. Holloway, Regent University Liliana Reyes Pia-Anna Riffert Matt Ji Task-oriented and RElations-oriented Leadership Style: Task oriented: Emphasize production Initiate structure Role assumptions RElations oriented: Tolerance of freedom Tolerance of uncertainty Demand reconciliation Structure REsponsibility Identity REward Warmth Conflict Task-oriented Structure REsponsibility Identity RElations-oriented REward Warmth Conflict Voluntary web-based survey 87/303 employees participated REsults High number Conclusions Task Oriented Warmth RElations Oriented Warmth Reward Significant correlations were only detected in the following: Discussion Does the outcome surprise you? What do you think about the
way the research was made?
Would you change something? Do you think the results
would be different if the
same study was carried
out on a for-profit
And in another country? & Organizational Climate Thank You!
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