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Let's Analyze Some Poetry!!

No description

Olivia Hannig

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Let's Analyze Some Poetry!!

Let's Analyze Some Poetry!!
Stanza 1:
What has happened to the little boy?
Stazna 2
What is "Father Time" personified as?
Stanza 3-6:
Explain what Walt Whitman means when he says "The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse."
Draw an arrow to the right from line one and write the answer: He grew up
What are "shell" and "thin disguise" metaphors for
Write "shell" and "thin disguise" next to stanza one
Follow them with a colon (:)
write the answer: the adult body
Write Father Time next to staza 2 followed by a colon (:)
Then write the answer: a cruel trickster (what is a trickster?)
Why does the narrator describe Father Time as such?
Highlight the lines (10-12) that show why
Draw an arrow from these lines to the words "cruel trickster"
What does line 20 mean?
Draw an arrow from line 20 to the right
write our answer: though a person may look old, they mights still be full of life
Highlight the lines that explain the "path to true knowledge"
You should highlight lines 26-28
Highlight W.W.'s quote
Draw an arrow to the right and.....
Answer:Life does not stop for us; we must do what we can to make the most of our lives
"Powerful Play" in line 33 is a metaphor for?
Draw an arrow from line 33 to the right
Write the answer: Life
Stanza 7-8
What are the two reasons we should "measure disheartening words"?
Highlight lines 38-39 (our answer
Draw an arrow up to the words "disheartening words"
When might disheartening words NEED to be spoken?
List potential reasons next to stanza 7 (at least 3)
According to the narrator, how might we comfort people when they are old?
Highlight lines 43-44 (our answer)
Draw an arrow to the right
Write "how we can help comfort people
The Theme:
The theme is the message the author wants you to take away from the text. In a group, discuss the following questions to help you determine theme:
1. What is the topic?
2. What is the author saying about the topic?
3. What is the MESSAGE the author wants you to get?
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