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Amy Donofrio

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Characterization

How do we learn about people and their lives?
How do we learn about characters and their world?
The personality a character displays; also, the means by which an author reveals their personality
Direct Characterization
The narrator directly reveals information about a character in the story
Clip #1: Direct Characterization

1. What did you learn about The Plastics from the video clip?

2. How did you learn this information?

Indirect Characterization
The writer shows or dramatizes the character and allows you to draw your own conclusions.
Indirect Characterization
S - Speech
T - Thoughts
E - Effects on Others
A - Actions
L - Looks
Clip #2

1. What did you learn about Regina George in this video clip?
S -
T -
E -
A -
L -

Now, It's Your Turn to be the Author!
Take a minute to think of a character in your mind. It can be a character from a movie, a person in your life, or a completely new character reaching out of your imagination!

Do you have an image of this person in your mind?...Good...Now write about him or her using either direct or indirect characterization!

Please use the clips from Mean Girls as a guide.
Ex. Cady is new to the high school and is being controlled by "The Plastics". She used to be a nice, friendly, down-to-earth girl back in Africa. Then, she is forced to face the jungle of high school, and her whole personality changes. Now, she.....
What type of characterization is used by the author of this passage?
Ex. Regina smiled, looked at the bracelet that Cady was wearing, and said, "Oh my God, I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?". Cady responded, "My mom made it for me"....

What kind of characterization is used by the author of this passage?
Flat vs. Round
Flat Characters
Flat Characters only have one or two “sides” representing one or two traits. They are often stereotypes that can be summed up in a few words.
Round Characters
Round characters are complex and have many “sides” or traits. Their behavior is unpredictable because they are individuals, and their personalities are fully developed.
Static Characters
A static character remains the same throughout a story. They do not develop or change beyond the way in which they were first presented
Dynamic Characters
A dynamic character experiences some change in personality or attitude throughout the story.
Simple Characters
Simple Characters are defined as flat and static.
Complex Characters
Complex characters are defined as round and dynamic.
Ex. Bill lied to everyone around him.
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