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Using Photo Shop


Harleen Grewal

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Using Photo Shop

Photo editing Just a little color The type tool Thank you Overall this was a fun experience and I made many things that I didn't know I could make. Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed it! The adjustment tool includes brightness/contrast settings, hue/saturation, color balance, photo filter and more. I found an image of acorns and tried many adjustments and this is what I came up with... Retouch and healing tool This tool taught me how to fix images, bluring and sharpening images, and take things out of the image. What I did was I blurred out everything in the picture except for Lightening McQueen. Selection Tools Selection tools was the very first skill we learned in Photoshop. It taught me the basic tools to make or edit a picture. I made a castle by using the rectangle and polygonal tools. This was easy but the hardest part was the tree. Layers and shapes This skill taught us how to make shapes, how to layer things and color them as well. It also taught me how to add different kinds of fills in shapes. I first drew and layered a square, circle, triangle, and a musical note. Then I added a design to them. A little bit about it! Adjustment tools What I did in photo editing is that I took a landscape image and deleted the sky. I then replaced it with another image of the sky. The transform tool This tool taught me how to change up a shape, rotate it, how to put perspective into the shape, and in this case, how to change a square and fit it on a billboard and add text. For this I toke an image of smarties off the internet and then pasted it on a billboard image and changed it up to fit the billboard nice and neat. I then added text that said "Smarties." Photoshop is a great software to edit pictures and make new ones as well! It`s a great way for photograpgers to edit their pictures and make them a whole lot better! Now, lets get to the point. I have learned how to use Photoshop and now I`m going to show you what I`ve learned. So enjoy the show!! By: Harleen Using Photoshop Using Filters This lesson taught me how to change an image into many different ways. You can make it look like it`s sketched, underwater, wrapped in paper, etc. This skill is if you want to point something out in an image. You turn the image black and white and then delete what you want to point out! What I did was that I took an image of zayn and duplicated it and then turned it black and white. I then deleted what I wanted to show. The bottom colored layer showed through. I did the same with the Eiffel tower image. This tool taught me how to put text in and outside a shape or image. It also taught me how to use the mask tool. What I did was, I took an image of rain and used the mask tool. I wrote Rain with the mask tool. I came up with the word rain and it was filled with the image of rain. Before After Before After
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