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Disney and Star Wars in 3D

Please Favorite and Tell me what you think!!

Kasey Rawlins

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Disney and Star Wars in 3D

George Lucas recieved $4 billion in exchange for:
LucasFilm (film company)
Rights to all the Star Wars & Indiana Jones Movies
Skywalker Sound (sound company)
Industrial Light & Magic (special effects company) The Buyout Star Wars & Disney Disney's Motives Money!!
Inherit Star Wars merchandise sales
Plan to make new movies every few years Why New Movies?
Ticket sales have been down
Marvel (also bought by Disney) showed success in new movies of common franchise that has been around for years
Making new storylines is risky
Everyone loves Star Wars and will watch these Industrial Light & Magic
One of the best graphic design companies in business
Will produce a lot of revenue
Cut down on Disney's own production costs due to in house special effects now Why Did Lucas Sell? Ready For Retirement
Wanted Star Wars to live on
Disney has resources to expand this world Personal Reasons Critism
George Lucas critized over the years for newer three films and altering older films
Tired of the constant bickering
“Why would I make any more(Star Wars Movies), when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?” The Battle of the Buyout Lucas said he wants to get out of the "big corporation" and back to independent film making
Donating all $4 billion to his education fund Ready to Move on Influence On new Star Wars Films Lucas gave leadership to Kathleen Kennedy
He will advise her along way Also gave his storylines and ideas for new movies
Thus Disney Star Wars will still have some George in it Disney will let LucasFilm keep its creativity
Did the same with Marvel & it showed success Public's Thoughts Supporters Some say Disney will do great with the movies Already showed success with buying Marvel & Pixar and making movies Disney's plan to release new Star Wars movies every few years = good for fans who love Star Wars Fans rejoicing in new life of franchise Opposers Believe Disney is creating a monopoly of TV & film- already own ABC, Pixar, ESPN, many more Say a monopoly will ruin creativity & smaller companies Believe Star Wars & Disney will not mix- different views and film styles Some say movies started and ended with Lucas My Opinion Mixed Feelings-Some good things and some bad Disney has plenty of resources and will make great movies- more Star Wars is great On the other hand, Disney will never be able to match originals New films will feel more like copies because they won't have Lucas Curtis, B. (2012). George Lucas Is Ready to Roll the Credits. The New York Times.

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Wishing upon a Death Star. (2012). Economist, 405(8809), 65. References THE END AND MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU
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