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Religion and More Questions

No description

Ms. Trista RIST

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Religion and More Questions

religion special days/
festivals beliefs symbols leader/
key figures followers
(People who
believe) praying/worship holy books/
writings sacred
places priests/nuns/monks rules Rituals/
ceremonies places where
people worship sacred objects pilgrimage Who writes the prayers to the gods? Are people reborn
in every religion? Why do people
need to be reborn? Does every religion believe
in heaven and hell? Why do Buddhists
believe in ghosts? Does every religion
have signs/symbols? Does every religion have a
main person like Buddha or Jesus? Why do some religions
(like Buddhism and Christianity)
have holy water? why do people
need to believe? Why can't Muslims eat pork? Do all religions use
coffins for their dead? Does every religion have a special song or sound? (like the call to prayer or Ohm) Why didn't Hitler
like the Jews? What was there
before religion? How does a
religion begin? Who built the world/universe? where do we go after we die? what is life? why do people want to be comfortable? should we help each other? can we travel in time? who is god? why do people need to be good? why do we need to be born,
sick, old, die and reborn? why do we need to do
good and bad things?
why are bad things easy
and good things hard to do? Why do we need to
have karma? who makes life? where did the sun and
moon come from? why is the world round? why don't some people like
each other? What should
we do when this happens? why are some people rich
and some people poor? why do we need to have
ceremonies and praying? history role in
today's world how did it spread? how did it grow? how did it start? conflicts? controversy? caring? credits types who created the prezi?
who helped?
where did I get information?
where did I get pictures?
where did I get video/songs/etc? what are the different groups
within this religion? What do I
in my prezi? inquiring minds want to know! compassion?
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