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SharePoint in the TIC

How to use SharePoint to improve TIC services and capture information

Paul Crosby

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of SharePoint in the TIC

Principles of Use Proposed Uses How to... What I've Learned: Don't duplicate other tasks--replace or improve
Use frequently--if not daily
Get your eyeballs on it (for announcements, etc)
Build on SP strengths--content management, collaboration, learning
Experiment with new features (wikis, etc) Formal procedures
Informal and preliminary procedures
Inmagic changes and FYIs
Short term projects (Legal)
Sharing useful external info sources (websites, reports, contacts, etc.)
General pathfinder for any information relating to the TIC and its administration 1. Search is not always real time. Uploaded documents must be indexed by the SP server. Don't know if this process is on a schedule, happens overnight, or requires a new session.

2. Give your documents a title if SP does not supply it. When I use a literature search template (see folder Research 2010), it supplies the name from the filename but defaults to a "II" for the title. This is the same default Word uses when you try to save any doc created from this template.

3. The wiki is pretty basic. Advanced formatting such as that used in our procedures is difficult to transfer to the wiki.

4. Word documents work best saved as Shared Documents (see 3).

5. SharePoint sometimes crashes unexpectedly. Surprise--it's Microsoft. Has happened when uploading documents.

6. Approval process for documents is somewhat mysterious. A bit of a black hole--easy to start, unclear as how to make changes and finish the process.
Find help for basic SharePoint functions:

This guide is nice: http://www.sharepoint-training-videos.com/SharePoint_EndUser_FAQ_Guide.html

Save files directly into a SharePoint Library:

In Word, Excel, or Outlook click on File--> Save As
Paste in the SP URL in File name (http://sharepoint/engrsch/tic). The SP site will monentarily appear.
Choose the appropriate Save as type in the pull-down (i.e. ".doc")
Navigate to the appropriate folder in the shared documents library (just like in networked folders)
Erase the URL in File name and type in the filename you want
Click Save SharePoint in the TIC http://sharepoint/engrsch/tic/default.aspx
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