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Uwi Student

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Smartphone

Why You Should Get A Smartphone
By Torian, Danyelle & Jansen
This presentation will focus on the advantages of having a smartphone and why it is a more efficient device than a laptop or a tablet.
Reasons why a smartphone is better than a laptop or tablet
When you want to surf the web, check email or make a call, the smartphone is always within arm's reach.
Smartphones are mobile phones first, and portable computing devices second. Although some tablets and laptops come equipped with technology to connect with cellular networks, it is a certainty with smartphones. In addition, although wifi zones are plentiful there are still many places where there is no wifi connection but a smartphone can connect to 3G or 4G networks. A smartphone can even act as a wifi hotspot allowing you to share you cellular data connection with friends or even your tablet or laptop.
Text messaging
Along with voice calls, smartphones allow you to conveniently communicate via text message which is faster than sending an email.

A smartphone can do a little bit of everything. A smart phone acts as a phone, a camera, a portable music player or a GPS and that's just a few of its capabilities.
Information at your fingertips
More and more services/applications are being made available for smartphones. Some of these services allow access to maps, television transmission, news coverage and weather reports. This instantaneous information provided by the smartphone allows you to stay one step ahead of what's going on.

Smartphones, while a bit bigger than a standard cell phone, are still more portable than any computer. They are very lightweight and can fit in a purse or pants pocket with ease. They are designed to be taken everywhere with you, thus the very definition of portable.
Now if you're not already completely convinced that the smartphone is the device for you, here is a short video clip that should hopefully sway you to join the massive smartphone demographic.
Closing Remarks
In today’s society, the smartphone has allowed us as individuals the opportunity to obtain information at a highly accelerated rate and this enables us to stay up to date and aware. By the same token, the smartphone has great functionality and it facilitates swift communication. Last but by no means least, the idea of owning such a powerful yet portable multimedia device has to be mind blowing!
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