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Literary Response

No description

Amanda Christine

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Literary Response

Literary Response
For this section I've chosen:
-The main setting is at a baseball field that had recently been renewed. “Tall Cedars? There’s a baseball field there now?” “Why did they bring it back?” pg. 30
-The setting helps create suspense because it’s the same field where Andy Kirk had fallen to his death and there are a bunch of willow trees surrounding the field.
-Patneaude did an effective job helping readers visualize the setting.

-Internal: Nelson Lamp didn’t think he was ready to be a pitcher and was constantly fighting against himself of whether he should ask to try and pitch. “I almost ask her if I can throw some batting practice. Almost. But then just the prospect of being alone on the mound, throwing at a real batter, paralyzes my mouth shut.” Pg. 48
-External: Gannon Conger is trying to break away from his cruel fathers grasp, wanting to stop hurting batters at the mound so his father is happy. “Mr. Conger is on his feet glaring at him as he walks to the plate.” “Mr. Conger asks the ump for time, storms to the mound, and gets in Gannon’s face.” “… and meets his father’s gaze. He shakes his head. No.”

-“Why did they bring it back?” Mike/Michelle, pg. 34. This creates suspense by creating a mystery as to why it was run down in the first place and what happened to make it need a renewal.

-“Shhh!” “Someone’s coming” Nelson Lamp, pg. 118. This created an immense amount of suspense because Nelson and Gannon are waiting for a “ghost”, or the person leaving the messages, to appear.

-“You’ve got a strong arm there, little cousin. Ever think about pitching?” Pg. 47 It foreshadows how Nelson learns how to be a better pitcher and then becomes their main pitcher.

-“He might get to see me on the mound.” Pg. 91 This foreshadows how Nelsons father will see him pitching in an upcoming game.

Comparative Response
Book: Haunting at Home Plate
Movie: The Chronicles of Riddick
I believe that they both have weak plots. Though their endings are well written and concluded, it strayed from what was really important.

They both have very bad foreshadowing, as in its hard to pinpoint where they are. The foreshadows are there but they aren't effectively put in to allow a reader/movie watcher to go back and find them.
The movie had better antagonist and protagonist characters, they were more fully developed and effectively made known who was who.

There was little to no suspense in the book whereas in the movie, it felt that the entire thing was made of suspense.
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