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If I Stay

No description

Hailey Loth

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of If I Stay

If I Stay
Book By: Gayle Forman
Prezi By: Hailey Loth

Rising Action
Climax/Falling Action
& Conflict
Question & Answer
Mia.....Protagonist, Round, Dynamic
Adam.....Supporting Character, Round, Dynamic
Teddy, Mom, & Dad.....Supporting Characters, Round, Dynamic
Kim & Willow.....Supporting Characters, Round, Static
Gramps & Gran....Supporting Characters, Round, Static

Mia had everything....an amazing & loving family, an amazing & adoring boyfriend, also she has a bright future playing the cello. Then almost in a split second everything changed. Her family's car is in an accident. She finds herself out of her own body like a spirit and she sees the whole scene She doesn't know whether to stay or go. To live or die? Can she survive without her family? But, will Adam survive without her? Mia is forced to make the most important decision of her life.

Teddy Adam

Kim Dad

Gramps Gran Willow
"I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard." -Mia Hall
"I'll let you go. If you stay" -Adam Wilde
"The you who you are tonight is the same you I was in love with yesterday the same you I'll be in love with tomorrow" -Adam Wilde
"Please Mia, don't make me write a song" -Adam Wilde
"You still have a family" -Kim
"Exactly, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and your mom & I were young" -Denny (Dad)

"If I stay. If I Live. Its up to me." -Mia
"This is what happiness feels like." -Mia
"People believe what they want to believe" -Kim
Mia and her brother are rushed to the nearest hospital. She has a possible collapsed lung and multiple injuries, she is also in a coma. Her brother is even worse. While he stays at the current hospital Mia is transported by air to another hospital. She eventually finds out that Teddy has passed away. She feels like that she shouldn't live if her family isn't. She questions if she can live with her family. Mia feels like its not fair for Teddy to die. He was alot younger and didn't get to experience life. When Mia arrives at the new hospital she sees her Gran & Gramps. They are the first people to see her. Eventually, Kim & Adam come. The nurse won't let either of them in so Adam gets Brooke Vega to come in and distract everyone so Adam can see Mia. It doesn't work but when security is called Willow comes in and gets what she wants and practically runs the place. Adam gets to see Mia and she has a flashback of their relationship.
What Would You Do If You Had To Choose?
After Mia's flashback Adam starts to break down. He starts talking to her and saying that if she stays he'll leave her alone. All he needs is for her to stay. He keeps begging and pleading. He says he can't live without her. Then, he takes Mia's hand and just holds it and says "Stay."
1.) Sartorial - page 4
From book - "I am never quite clear on weather all this is sartorial or sardonic."
Definition - Of or pertaining to tailors or their trade.
2.) Sardonic - page 4
From book - "I am never quite clear on weather all this is sartorial or sardonic."
Definition - Disdainfully or ironically humorous; scornful and mocking.
3.) Valiant - page 4
From book - "You can make a valiant try."
Definition - Having or showing valor.
4.) Guffaw - page 5
From book - "Dad and I guffaw at the same time."
Definition - A loud, unrestrained burst of laughter.
5.) Exuberant - page 5
From book - "He's just naturally exuberant."
Definition - Full of unrestrained enthusiasm or joy.
6.) Cajoled - page 12
From book - "She'd pestered, cajoled, and sometimes yelled at Dad to get a license, but he'd insisted that he preferred pedal power."
Definition - To persuade by flattery, gentle pleading, or insincere language.
7.) Stickler - page 121
From book - "She's a stickler for these kinds of details."
Definition - One who insists on something unyieldingly.

8.) Plinking - page 126
From book - "Plinking out the notes on his beat-up acoustic guitar."
Definition - To cause or to make a soft, sharp, metallic sound; clink.
9.) Viscereal - page 216
From book - "But sometimes the memories feel so real, so viscereal, so personal,
that I confuse them with my own.
Definition - Relating to , situated in, of affecting the viscera.
10.) Inadvertently - page 216
From book - "Dad would've joked that he and Mom had tortured me with their
stories one two many times and had inadvertently brainwashed me.

Was this story believable/entertaining?
This story was entertaining because it has
a lot of flashbacks and twists and turns

Why did or didn't it hold your interest?
This story did hold my interest because
of how detailed and emotional it was.

Why would/wouldn't you recommend this book?
I would recommend this book to anyone
who likes TFIOS and emotional books.

After Adam takes Mia's hand in his own he lets his head hang. But, Mia can finally feel the warmth of his hand. She is no longer outside of her body but awake in the hospital bed. She squeezes Adam's hand and he looks up smiles an says "Mia"
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