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“Research in Progress Seminar

No description

Maria Darmanin

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of “Research in Progress Seminar

Research in Progress Seminar
Qualitative research
One-to-one interviews with children who experienced a vast number of placements
Focus Group with different professionals working within the area
Literature Review
- Child Development
- Attachment
- The Traumatize child
- Hierarchy of needs
- Resilience
- Therapeutic Parenting
- Placement Instability
- Placement Breakdowns

Dissertation Title:
The Research Question and Purpose of the Study:

To get a better understanding of the experience and explore both the perceived impact of multiple breakdowns in placement on children as well focus on possible solutions for this challenging situation.
The experience of multiple breakdowns in placements for childern.
Focus Group
One-to-one Interviews
Population: youngsters of ages between 14 to 18

Sample Size: 7 to 10 interviews
High Support Service
Specialed Home Based Service
Residential Set Up

Focus Group 2:

Psychologist Service
St Patricks
St Joseph Home
Ufficju "Ejjew Ghandi"
Osanna Pia
Fundazzjoni Suret il- Bniedem
Data Analysis
I will follow the analysis continuum (Krueger, 1997) that is pursued from raw data, to descriptive statements to interpretation. Therefore, I shall firstly, transcript the content of the focus group, then outline the main themes and recommendations that will emerge from the content.

Following this, the major themes and recommendations will be analysed and interpreted through the major themes emerging from the literature review.
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