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Making Judgements

No description

caryle capuyan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Making Judgements

MAKING JUDGEMENTS The story Im going to do today is called Amulet. In this book, it is about a girl called Emily. She is Brave, Strong, Protective, helpful, and she is clever. Why is Emily Brave? Emily is brave because she attacks one of the big and strong monsters. Why is Emily strong? Emily is strong because she focuses really well which makes her amulet zap the monsters. Emily is protective because.... She protects her little brother, Navin from dangerous monsters. Navin Emily Why is Emily is clever? She is clever because she tricks another monster so he wont take her amulet away, but in the end, she won the game, with the help of her friends, and the amulet. Why is Emily is helpful? Emily is helpful because she tries to rescue her mom from a large squid-looking monster, which is called Arachnopods (ah-rak-noh-pods) Arachnopods Karen (Emilys mom) THESE ARE THE 5 JUDGEMENTS I MADE FOR EMILY. Hope you enjoyed!
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