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Ethylene Oxide Production

No description

Seval Ak

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Ethylene Oxide Production

Ethylene Oxide Production
Properties and description of ethylene oxide
Simulation in ASPEN
Thermal cracking
Oxidation reaction
Heat integration
Safety analysis
Economic analysis
Production of EO
Two main pathway to obtain ethylene oxide
Simulation in ASPEN
Aspen Plus is a process flow sheet simulation program
provides complete information of steady state models and a large physical and thermodynamic property library
Thermal Cracking
Project Goals
Process development of a new plant located in industrial area in Japan

55 000 tons of Ethylene oxide per year

Purity of 99.9 wt %

process :
-First step : Thermal cracking of ethane to ethylene
-Second step : Direct oxidation of ethylene to ethylene oxide

Properties and uses
The simplest cyclic ether
Gas at ambient temperature
Very reactive

Used as a sterilizing agent (medical instruments)
Used to be converted to further major products like :
-Ethylene glycol : PET and antifreeze formulations
-Glycolic acid : skin-care products

Process Development Project 2015
Assistant : Wiktor Bourée
Emily Audenis, Camille Regali, Pauline Pelaz and Seval Aksoy

Final results
Oxidation of ethylene
Safety analysis
Economic analysis
Reactor part
P=10 bar
Ethylene oxide scrubber
45 stages
Reflux ratio=2.4
Carbon dioxide loop
T(scrubber)= 40°C

EO purification
product purity = 99.98%
Final results
The total investment cost for the company is
159 MCHF
-Direct costs : equipment, installation, ..
-Indirect costs : insurances, taxes, engineering, ..
-Administration, contingency fund

The total price cost is
-0.37 CHF
-Variable costs
-Periodical costs

The payback time of approximately
10 years
is found

Payback time
TPC distribution
Raw materials :
-Optimization of recycle stream
-Optimization of catalyst conversion

Energy consumption :
-Improve heat integration and update pinch analysis

Products valorization :
-Purification of fuel gas

Ethane input : 80'000 kg/h

Ethylene output : 64'120.4 kg/h

Purity of ethylene : 99.6%

Optimization II
Simulation VS reality
Composition of cracked gas stream

No dilution stream
Coking neglected
Acid and CO2 removal neglected
Chlorohydrin process
1st developed in 1914 by BASF

1)Synthesis of ethylene chlorohydrin
2)Dehydrochlorination to ehylene oxide
3)Purification by rectification
-high yield
-high conversion

-high consumption of chlorine
-large amount of byproduct
-economic and environmentally
Oxidation process
Catalytic oxidation of ethylene over a silver-based catalyst
Air based or oxygen based

-less byproduct

-low yield
-low selectivity

Choice of the process
Main goal : develop a process which has low production costs and is environmentally friendly and safe
K. Cziner Method is used to determine which patented process will be chosen

Safety measures for equipment because of the different conditions
Ethylene production involves in cryogenic
Cracking furnace operates at 900°C
Oxidation Reaction is exothermic (DSC)

Product Safety
Ethylene oxide:
The Time Weighted Average
-1 ppm exposure on the basis of 8h/d, 42h/week

Storage Safety
Ethane storage should not exceed 52°C
-Use of stainless steel
Ethylene oxide storage tanks should be electrically grounded

Learn AspenPlus
Goal is achieved
Economically sustainable
Take more time to optimize the columns
- add purification systems to make the process more environmentally friendly
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Heat Integration
Thank you for your attention !

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