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Micro Funding

No description

Martin Schwarz

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Micro Funding

Micro Funding Criteria Result - Social project

- Organized by young people

- No illegal actions Difference to other foundations - No bureaucracy

- Peer-to-peer working atmosphere (no authority)

- Advising and funding (up to app. 400 Euro) Target group - Local scaled projects

- Young people who don't have a lot of experience

- People who want to change their direct environment (e.g. soccer field) What are we going to do? - Transferring the parts of the idea which have worked well in different countries of the world for years

- Adjusting it to the needs and situations of the participating countries

- Build up new groups (starting in Iraq and Algeria) Being able to realize a lot of small projects in the participating countries Transferring a working concept to countries of the CIN
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