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Lady Macbeth

No description

Kaelan Pawsey

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Lady Macbeth

A Monster or a Victim? Lady Macbeth Manipulation of Macbeth While she is in control, she manipulates Macbeth into murdering Duncan, so they can get to the throne Foil to Manipulation by the Witches Relationship with Macbeth Foil to Macbeth Kaelan Pawsey
& Dana Lew Lady Macbeth Monster Victim In this Presentation... Assessing how Lady Macbeth is shown in Macbeth
Come to the conclusion at whether she was truly a monster, or victim. Monstrous Traits Representation In Play: Lady Macduff:
Foil to Lady Macbeth ``partner of greatness`` Changes over course of play. Lady Macbeth in control. Macbeth regains control. Victim Monster The dispute of whether Lady Macbeth is a monster or victim is centered around her relationship with Macbeth. ''Was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself? (I.vii.35-36) Lady Macbeth is shown as a in Macbeth most early in the book. Monster To enhance by contrast. Foil: or... Anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing's qualities When Macbeth was not evil and did not want to kill Duncan Lady Macbeth pushed him to do it. Made her seem like a Monster
Because Macbeth was so against it Yes! No! When Macbeth is King he becomes powerful and no longer tells Lady Macbeth of the evil he is doing. While now Lady Macbeth is now haunted by what she did. This made Lady Macbeth seem like a Victim. Coming to a Conclusion. There is no one answer. Monster Victim ≠ Monster OR Victim This. This. Does not determine Representation of a Victim Our example was chosen from Act I. Scene vii Reaction to her Language We chose our example to show her as a victim from Act V. Scene i. Reaction to her Language Driven to Madness: Her thoughts
Previous Actions
What has become of Macbeth Gives powerful perspective Shows what she is willing to do for power
How manipulative she can be towards Macbeth Victim to Society Viewed as solely a victim by society because she is a woman. She tries to be extreme and powerful to be viewed as equal These traits eventually rub off on Macbeth, making him a tyrannical leader The Traits of a Victim Lonely These traits qualify her to eventually become mad, and as a final act kill herself. Her character tells a tale of a tragedy,
much like Macbeth, she is doomed by
their hunger for power and is rewarded
unkindly for her evil thoughts She mocks him for being so weak
questions his manliness and manhood
and begs him to fulfill the promises that she has suggested to her husband vocabulary.com/dictionary/foil It was actually the supernatural powers that the Witches demonstrated throughout the play that made Lady Macbeth a Monster. If it were true... Lady Macbeth could no longer be looked at as a monster, only a victim She would not only be a victim to the tyrant Macbeth, but also to the powers of the Witches The Evidence: Similarities: Both summon evil
Manipulation of Macbeth
Their intentions do not seem harmful to Macbeth It would be simple: The Witches supernatural powers like predicting the future and vanishing show how simple it would be for them to take control of Lady Macbeth as they wish. They needed her: Without help from Lady Macbeth it seems that Macbeth would not have gone through with killing Duncan. Is there proof? The lack of proof is what makes this theory so unfortunately invalid. For once again, if it were true Lady Macbeth would most definitely be seen as a victim. If this had proof there would be no real reason for this debate, and this presentation overall. Ones interpretation of Lady Macbeth and the Witches is something that will greatly sway your opinion of her. sly controlling power hungry determined DISREGARDS OTHERS Lady Macduff Depressed Weak Introverted regretful won't forget the past Obsessed Self-loathing Her family life is exactly the opposite of lady Macduff Loving Large family vs. nothing but her husband and her evil thoughts She has no children, possibly one died in child birth while Lady Macduff has many children Lady Macbeth now has nothing to lose As a result of having no children, she only focuses on her husband and how they can become more powerful Will do anything to get what she wants, and has nothing else in her life now William Shakespeare created very human like characters in his plays, and this shows how there is no one answer to this question. For men and women are not described as good or bad, it is far more difficult than that. Lady Macduff seems to not care about Macduff's status or role in the Nobility. She only cares about him as the father to her children and as a husband. Some of the few examples: Much better example of showing her as a monster Lady Macduff was very close to her husband, while Macbeth rarely spoke to his wife. Likely leading her to depression and mental illness.
Also, Lady Macduff follows the stereotype of women at this time. Making it more difficult for Lady Macbeth to be seen as nothing but that by most men. Talked about more later Thank you
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