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LCVP COMM elections - Presentation

No description

Mateo Guzmán

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of LCVP COMM elections - Presentation

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr ICX-COMM collaboration LinkedIn contacts Social media Internal COMM My timeline at a glance Who am I? LCVP elections 2013 Mateo Guzmán-Urbano Colombian, 27 Internal COMM AIESEC AAU - COMM 13/14 Computer Science Information
Technology (IT) IT Management Colombia 1985 2012 Germany Denmark 2005 COMM Events participation Internal COMM External COMM Communication technologies Events Newsletter Actions cross-functional External COMM Social media Aim: Create awareness among companies Goal: Establish partnerships Cold-calls Stands Meetings Aim: Create awareness among students/young people Goal: Get more exchange participants (EPs) Aim: Create and reflect cohesion between members Goal: Make use of new technologies TM-COMM collaboration Aim: Improve communication between members Goal: Enable cross-functional communication Workshops Seminars Team building Newsletter Design Structure Content Let us COMM now! COMM TM FI OGX LCP ICX Sponsorships EPs Companies Workshops AIESEC DK AIESEC AAU
Member of COMM
Work in internal COMM
Brand audit
Delegate at LTS'12 and ALTIUS'13
Most engaged AIESEC'er 12/13
Member of the LTS OC '13 COMM team Teodora Lauro Ma. Cristina Egle Renata Jan Daniel Ivo Web TL/News News Social media
Strategy Marketing
Strategy Materials
design Collaborations
Press Social media The #s # of conducted workshops/seminars # of contacts # of partnerships # of inquires % of growth of use of new technologies # of active wikis # of calls conducted # of meetings with companies # of partnerships with companies % of likes growth
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