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InterContinental Financial Statements

No description

Kazuyuki Tsubaki

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of InterContinental Financial Statements

Geographical Diversification
4 region identified, service over 100 countries
The Americas
Asia, Middle East and Arica
Greater China
InterContinental Hotels Group operates a total of 646,679 Rooms and a total of 4430 Hotels. InterContinental’s Strategy Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining power of buyers Extensive Roster of suppliers
Unique services and accommodations to satisfy customer needs
Current Project under IHG:
Evens Hotel Threat of substitute The entry barrier to the hospitality industry used to be difficult before technology become easily accessible to the mass.
The introduction of online booking has changed the system.
Easy marketing Threat of New Entrants Hundreds of hotels are placed in the same exact area.
Differentiate services to compete rivalry.
For example:
Breakfast accommodations
Internet service,
in-house entertainment Rivalry among Existing Firms Rivalry among Existing Firms –High
Threat of New Entrants- Average
Threat of substitute- High
Bargaining power of buyers- Low
Bargaining power of suppliers- High Porter’s Five Forces Industry Type: Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Share of World GDP: 9%
Share of World Employment: 8%
Company Focus: Hospitality
Hospitality Services: Entertainment & Accommodations
Income Sources: Lease, franchise & license Industry Diversification
InterContinental Hotels Group diversify
through three different ways.
Owned InterContinental
Crowne Plaza
Hotel Indigo
Holiday Inn Hotel & Resorts
Holiday inn Express
Holiday Inn Club Vacations
Staybridge Suites
Candlewood Suites
Even Hotels* Company History and News 1 Became more powerful due to the introduction of online booking agencies

For example
Name your price accommodations to 4 star hotels Big firms have the resource to out power small businesses
Premium hotels are usually multinational corporate
Prices alters as they wish Product Differentiation Strategy

8 lines of hotel brands
Profit Margin
Advantage of discovering
new market potential Degree of Integration in Value Chain

3800 are operated under franchise agreements
640 are managed, but separately owned
16 are directly managed and owned Value Chain Table of Content

1. Analysis of Industry Characteristics
2. Company History & Current News
3. Business Ethics4. Comparative Analysis of Business Strategy
5. Review of Annual Report and Financial Statements
6. Accounting Choices and Adjustments
7. Operating Performance and Asset Utilization
8. Analysis
9. Risk Analysis
10. 5 Years Forecast Analysis of Industry Characteristics
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